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Yesterday I was sitting behind a desk, working for The Man, and having random thoughts about bikepacking. When out of nowhere Cupcake pings me with a link to the live feed of of the E3 Harelbeke.

“I don’t know what the commentators are saying, but these guys are pinning it.”

He was right about that one, they were hauling ass. The E3 has evolved into a little mini spring classic. It has everything us fan-boys want from a spring race. Shitty weather, narrow streets, powerful attacks, and riders absolutely ripping each other’s legs off. Perfect filler for that dead space between Milan-San Remo and Flanders. All the big boys are on form and look ready to mix it up. The next couple of weekends sure are going be fun to watch.

Big Swiss took the win in great style.

YouTube Preview Image

 Full race coverage here

Then there is the only picture from the race that really matters:


 I found this on Daniel Oss’Facebook page with the caption: Cycling is this!!! nothing else!!!”


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8 Replies to “E3”

  1. Are there any networks left in the good ol’ YOU ESS of A that actually provide coverage of cycling.

  2. Here are the three websites I use to watch cycling on my computer:




    Most of the time, they have the same links, but every once in awhile, one of them will have a unique one. I spent last week watching E3, Catalunya, Ghent Wevelgem and the Criterium, switching back and forth to keep up with the latest moves. The E3 was a GREAT race to watch … who cares if I don’t understand Dutch???

    Piss on U.S. TV.

  3. Holy hell. I like Gogo, but what’s the deal with the other guy? Why does NBC/Universal hire commentators who’ve clearly never watched cycling before?

  4. Why are the commentators such douches.
    “Here’s a move by Cancellara… but there is a lot of race to go….”
    WTF planet have you been living on?
    That is text book Spartacus ass kicking. Give Fabs a meter and the seat motor is g.o.n.e…
    Do your homework guys.