Monday Link Dump

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Well, it’s Monday. The kick in the junk that ends every great weekend. I am here to help you kill some time with a bunch of links that I have been collecting. You’re welcome.

-Have you ever read Steve Tilford’s blog? The guy brings the straight truth:

The sport of cycling is a collective. A collective of individuals from all over this planet that, mostly, have the same thoughts, desires, and visions of the sport.

This is one of the many things that drew me to the sport. I’m a pretty much individual type guy. Subjective or teams sports never attracted me much. But, cycling did and it was/is sort of a team sport. I think that too much emphasis is put on the team aspect now, but that is just because the abuse, that seemed to appear right at the same time as the all for one, one for all bike racing tactics appeared.

Continue reading HERE

-You guys like Burritos? I sure as hell do… Semi-Rad reveals the magic of the burrito in his latest post. Good stuff right there.

-Surly has a blog. In this episode, Trevor checks in with a bunch of music he wants you to hear.

-Carbon plastic has now invaded fat bikes. See some Frost Bike coverage from right here

-There was a ton of NAHBS coverage. But probably the best I came across was from none other than Chris King. So many great photos of so many awesome bikes RIGHT HERE.

-Who doesn’t love a good zine? What used to be a photo copied and stapled mish-mash of awesomeness are now online with high def pics and great writing. just dropped their first issue and they hit the ground running. It’s ad free, based out of Minnesota, and kicking ass. Can’t wait for issue #2.



-This has nothing to do with bikes, but it does involve 2 wheels and was filmed in Arizona. Plus the whip he throws at 2:30 makes any other whip look bush league.

YouTube Preview Image


-There ain’t many words for this. Damn kids today

YouTube Preview Image


-I will wrap all this up with a bow and leave you with this little moment of zen

YouTube Preview Image


-Hope this made Monday better. Keep it dirty…





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15 thoughts on “Monday Link Dump

  1. Great post brother except for the Burritos part.

    At my age if I eat a Burrito I spend the next 3 days in the can shitting my brains out.

  2. That goat is the funniest thing I’ve seen all week.

    Burritos are good, but for breakfast, the breakfast taco is a far superior item. The filling to tortilla ratio is perfect.

  3. OK. I just watched the goat vid. Funny as a mofo.

    But did that goat take a dump 1/2 way thru or just squat ???

  4. Since it’s a link dump post, I figured that you guys wont be that mad if I posted one in the comments.

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  5. @ Cap’n Tony

    Now I have to change my nom de plume to TripleG ?? Well shit.

    And before you make any smart ass comments, yes I had to Google nom de plume.

    PS. Mint Fixies can go fuck themselves sideways.

  6. Mint Fixie can eat a bag of dicks. You could have just emailed me the information and asked me to check it out…THEN I would have told you to eat a bag of dicks

  7. I don’t know guys. These mint fixies could be kind of cool. Get it? Cuz they are minty? Like minty cool?

    Oh fuck it…and fuck the fuck off Mint Fixies. That shit is played out and you are way the fuck late to the game. Custom fixies….and all those colors, who the fuck are you kidding? I outta slap a bitch.