Pereira Cycles + Ira Cycles= Breadwinner Cycles

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Tony in his garageThis past week has been a good week for the cycling industry, less Lance more innovation. Tony Pereira and Ira Ryan have decided to merge each others talents and become the first flag ship bike company to come out of Portland OR called Breadwinner -holy shit, the website speaks for itself. And since Tony and Ira are such facebook sluts, they have a Breadwinner Facebook page.

A few weeks back I got hold of Tony to see if I could get him in Switchback mountain bike mag for their “steel issue” and my timing was perfect for getting to hear what Tony and Ira are going be doing to develop this brand. The March issue should be on the newsstand in a week, grab one if you want to read the first story in print about Breadwinner.


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6 Replies to “Pereira Cycles + Ira Cycles= Breadwinner Cycles”

  1. I need that brown touring bike so I can roll out on some camping trips. I wish they made the Racing frame out of Spirit though. Life is awesome but Spirit is sick. When I worked for another frame company we had Spirit bikes fully built coming in under 16lbs.

  2. Fucking beautiful; I love steel, I love and miss Stumptown.

    Detroit take heed, emulate Portland!

    We do have our 616 Fab and Quiring Cycles, thank goodnesseses.