Old Pueblo Old Pueblo, How I Long Thee.

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So I woke up 2 hours before my alarm, it’s 3:00am. Trying to figure out if I have the pre flight gitters, or just excited to watch the Bitchy Tutorial again. I think I account for half of the views so far..

Hot. Shit hot!

So you probably just sat down at your desk, thinking about how you’ll conquer yet another humpday in your cube. No? Well I would have been if I weren’t sitting on a plane heading down to the Dirty T for some long awaited fun in the sun. And it looks like the weather couldn’t be much better for this year’s rendition of 24 HOP. We’ll have a big ol’ crew down there this weekend making sure people are keeping their BAC elevated, and not having not enough fun. If you’re within about a 10,000 mile vicinity, I suppose you should be there. Really hoping this will be one of those “Worst Nightmare” type vacations.

By the way, you should read this: http://semi-rad.com/2013/01/your-best-vacation-is-someones-worst-nightmare/

Semi-Rad Brendan speaks the truth. The man spits hot fire time and time again. Make sure to add him to your blog roll.

Alright, well I hope you found this post useful, because I honestly don’t know what just happened. See you in the Old Pueblo.


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8 Replies to “Old Pueblo Old Pueblo, How I Long Thee.”

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  2. Departing Boulder at 5am tomorrow for my first go at Old Pueblo. This year- team. Next year- solo. See you in the desert- my crew will be serving up free dogs and free brews, come on by and say hey. I’m expecting some Good Times.

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