Once a D-bag, always a D-bag…

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Some people can’t face the truth, so they keep on being the lying asses they always were. From the New York Post:

A “pretentious” Manhattan socialite hosted a swanky, “black tie optional” bash in January — where he sipped champagne with his fabulous friends and boasted of an upcoming years-long vacation to Europe he was about take.
But the finance lawyer was hiding the real, sinister reason he was saying his farewells.

He was going to prison for nearly killing a man.

Tabber Benedict bellied up to the bar at Chelsea’s Bungalow 8 — with a woman on his arm — and bent his friends’ ears about the planned jaunt and all the places he was going to visit.About two years ago, the West Village denizen slammed his SUV into a Long Island dad after a night of hard partying in the Hamptons — and left his victim for dead, records show.

Douche. Keep the rubber side down and watch out for d-bags.


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2 Replies to “Once a D-bag, always a D-bag…”

  1. May his cell mate leave a deposit in his soon to be larger bank. It is pretty crappy to think that the other people at his “going away/coming out/ in” party were unaware, or knew and carried on the charade. These finance pricks F-ed up the whole economy and while the little guys like me lost houses and retirement account, they are scoring serious coin again with the Dow over 13K again. DBs for sure.