Biker down.

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Biker down. And not the usual Biker Down post for this website I’m afraid.

It is with great sadness I must tell of the Arizona (and greater) Cycling Community loss yesterday of a wonderful rider when Bob Pongratz died while riding a bike. The only small consolation that I can take, which in my grief and missing him must pale in comparison to what his family are feeling at the too-early loss of such a man, is that he died doing what he loved to do; ride a bike.

All thoughts and wishes are with his family at their time of grief.

RIP, Bobbie Pongratz you will be missed.

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6 Replies to “Biker down.”

  1. I have this huge (to me) history with Bob. he was that tuff as hell cyclist that showed up to all the races, and I looked up to him for that. I shared in many rides and events with him through the years, and he was always this steady keel of a man. That was back in the late 1990’s and I can hardly believe what has just happened, that it aches my heart to think he is gone! It was only three weeks ago that I saw him again at the 12 hours of papago, and we greeted each other with that warm smile a shared history provides. Fuck. I just can’t believe it. It always warmed my heart and stoked my mind to see him come into view, gripping life by the balls and telling me (and many others) to “quite being a pussy!”

    God damn some life. I am really going to miss him.