Breakfast. It’s what’s for dinner.

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Sundays usually mean slow mornings and long rides, and today was no exception. It has been raining in the desert and the trails were so soft that it was a bit novel. Plus, I have a new bike that was in need of a shake-down ride. Logically, I set out for a nice long one.

Bunches of miles and tons of climbing in the mud had me working double hard, and also getting double hungry. Some people go for a cheeseburger, some go for salty snacks, and some prefer burritos. Me, I’m a little different. Maybe it was because I skipped breakfast, or maybe the post ride whiskey, but all I wanted was pancakes. One of the greatest joys of being a grown-up is that we can have breakfast any time we please. So I did

In my book, the post ride meal is a close second only to the post ride beer. That celebratory feast of a ride well done. Filling the void of a hard ride and feeling the calories course through your veins along side the alcohol you just consumed on the tailgate of a truck.

What do you crave after a ride? Fuckit. I’m making pancakes

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15 Replies to “Breakfast. It’s what’s for dinner.”

  1. Yesterday I had 4 strips of BACON with 2 eggs on a sammie with spinach cooked in and cheese melted on top, plus hot sauce. After a couple-a Troegs Hop Back pints of course. Perfect for the second day of 15-30 degree riding in good dry snow. We should ride some time, and eat and drink afterward

  2. Breakfast? Dear God in Heaven, the breakfasts Mrs. Joe used to make. Buckwheat pancakes. Home-canned sausage. Perfect eggs, cooked over easy in the grease thereof. I’m sure that’s the sort of thing God sens out for when He gets tired of the same old same old. We need to be alittle more careful what we eat these days, so breakfast is usually oatmeal for her, and whatever leftovers (encore presentations, really) that I can find for myself.

    Tonight is rib steak, baked tatties and fresh sauteed mushrooms. Salad and a medley of veggies in cheese sauce. And acouple more adult bevvies, I’m bound. Tomorrow I think is breakfast for supper. Sausage, tatties and eggs. “Eat or die”, said the writer. Nobrainer, but I live to eat.

    One day this week I may convince the Mrs. to fix her stupendous liver and onions. I’ve given that stuff to avowed liver-haters and the’ve said, “That’s the best steak I’ve ever tasted.” And I think it’s about time for ‘mater soup and grilled cheese sammidges.

    Is it just me, or is it getting hungry in here?

  3. Dirty: put in 5 1/2 hours in the rain yesterday myself, followed by leftover grimaldi’s pizza and two bowls of honey bunches of oats with with full fatass milk, proceed to archie bunker chair and pound 3 Santan Devil’s Ale and one BG IPA Ranger, then wife, daughter, mother in law, sister in law get home from whatever the hell they were doing (spending money probably) and kill fun, but good while it lasted. Maybe I see you on the trail at 3am at Old Pueblo

    Oh, and quick product review of Chamois Butt’ R (cheap stuff you can get at Performance). Started pouring 5 minutes into 5+ hour ride, figured ass would be shot to hell but absolutely zero chafing. 10 out of 10.

  4. @joetheelectrician on January 28, 2013 at 3:22 pm
    with all due respect (and that is questionable with you around this place). Uhm, no, liver is not the same as steak. EVER.

  5. And if you happen to find yourself in the middle of the sonoran desert this february at 3am, 100+ miles in, and deep in the pain cave, and looking for a way out, I offer you this:

    “And so you touch this limit, something happens and you suddenly can go a little bit further. With your mind power, your determination, your instinct, and the experience as well, you can fly very high.”

  6. Best pancakes? Cast iron over a low, gas flame, one at a time, preferably you’ve just finished cooking the thick cut local bacon on that same iron, and you now have breakfast for a king.

    Other than that, best ‘cakes I ever ate were with Dirty at the Original Pancake house on Charleston in ‘Vegas. Sadly, it burned this fall, and we found out on our way to eat there. Bummer. Hope they rebuild, good fuel for the rocks there….

  7. When we were kids, sometimes my parents would take us to IHOP after mass on Sunday, and we could order ANYTHING. My little brother would order chocolate chip pancakes with chocolate syrup and a glass of chocolate milk. At the time, I was too young to appreciate his genius.

  8. Good Lawdie joe.

    Liver = steak in yer mind ??

    If there was any doubt that you are mentally disturbed, that has now been erased.

    Problem is so am I.

    For bfast the other day I had a can of spaghetti-o’s and meatballs and a couple beers.

    So we are now in a foot race to see who is more fucked up.

    I’m putting 10 bucks down on you.

  9. Obviously all y’all’s culinary comprehension rides to school on the short bus.

    When I said “steaks”, I wasn’t talking about T-bones and the like. I was talking about Swiss steak and such.

    See, what Mrs. Joe does is she flours the liver and browns it in a skillet. Then she sautees a shitload of sliced onions and throws ’em in the dish. Then she tops it with a proprietary supersecret brown gravy and bakes it until it’s fragrant and tender. Served with mashed taters, it’s heaven.

    Damned kids. More to food than Mickey D’s. Guess you’ve never had puccin’, scrapple our souse, either.


  10. Haven’t eaten at McD’s in years… Not a big fan of liver, but not because it can’t be done well, but because I know the function it performs… although it is a major component of boudin and I love me the shit out of some boudin… or tounge. A good lengua taco is the bomb. Slow cooked, served with onions and cilantro on a good corn tortilla… And menudo is the cure for the hangover. Tripe, hominy, and peppers… The Mexican version of Pho.

  11. Lengua taco? I just happen to have a tongue in my freezer. Got a recipe?

    And this reminds me of the time we ordered tongue sandwich at a diner. One of the guys goes, “Tongue? Ewww, I could never eat anything that’s been in an animal’s mouth. Just give me a couple of eggs.” Takes all kinds, I guess.

  12. Lengua is one of the few things I haven’t done myself. There are enough taquerias around here that do them well, I haven’t had to. Traditionally, it involves boiling for a few hours with spices, and then finishing in the pan. This recipe looks reasonable:
    I’ve never seen anyone put radishes or red onion on them, though. White or yellow onion and cilantro… From Austin to Saltillo.

  13. Thanks, pardner! I printed up the recipe. I feel a weeken d project coming on.

    Now, as to the beef heart in the freezer…