Donkey Label!

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A while back searching the innerwebs I came across Donkey Label and decided to procure some of their goods.

I open up the box and thought Bloody Hell!? I received someone else’s order.  Upon further inspection Paul over at Donkey Label, or DL for short, had “put a bunch of extra stuff in there for you as a gift for your blind faith in a new unproven company.”  Thank you, Sir!  You’ve got my faith!

DL has some nice threads, kits, accessoires de mode and even does custom leather working. Si? Mais Oui!

Better than your sammie baggie!
Better than your sammie baggie!

Be sure to show a burgeoning company some support and check them out:

Get your 'Belg on
Get your ‘Belg on
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2 Replies to “Donkey Label!”

  1. Yea flow, they are rocking some well though out products. The Marino Wool Socks are only $20 too, and nothing makes a foot happy like some wool. damn.