How it’s done.

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They say there’s more white stuff heading towards the middle states this week, so here’s some stoke to get you through humpday, and put a little hop in that step.

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Source: BTT Lobo

No plans for the weekend? Check what’s going on in Wisconsin if you’re around:


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7 Replies to “How it’s done.”

  1. Cupcake…which one of these fine events might you be attending? I’m always threatening to show up north of the cheddar curtain sometime…

  2. Where is that, might the most jealous man in the world, implore?

    I sit in upstate NY, bereft of snow. The gods delivered in spades, just before the holidays, and we played in the first real feeling of “Winter” that I can recall in several years. We had close to 2 feet of snow, for about two weeks, maybe a little more. Sure, we got snow in the last few winters, but I’d be gone three days later, at which point mud again ruled my life, both in the singletrack, and the driveway, as it has for the last 5 winters or more. Then 8 days of temps in the 40’s, ending with a stellar Sunday when we hit 70F, in January, (in NY, WTF???) and all our beloved *winter* has turned to shit.

    We’ve had our pant zippers tugged since, but no coverage to speak of.

    All this, and we have a local weatherman who firmly believes that global warming is a farce.

    Why can’t a man have some snow? Is it really too much to ask?