The Lance Armstrong interview as seen though the eyes of xtranormal

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This awesome xtranormal was put together in anticipation of Lance Armstong’s coming interview with Oprah Winfrey. It hasn’t been broadcast yet (it’s scheduled for this coming Thursday), so we’re all only guessing at this point. But, odds are it’ll sound a whole lot like this.

Oprah and Lance
by: Diggerforum

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20 Replies to “The Lance Armstrong interview as seen though the eyes of xtranormal”

  1. This is the only Lance related thing I plan on watching. I’m exhausted with it all. I just want to ride and enjoy some race coverage without all the shit.

  2. I love the xtranormal vids featuring Cancer Jesus being a prick to Levi “Bottle” Leipheimer. I think they were titled “Days of our Lance”. They disappeared pretty quickly after they were first posted back in the day when the Uniballer was still powerful. things have changed. It’s open season on Cancer Jesus now. Maybe they’ll resurface

  3. LA done a good thing for cancer . . . raised awareness to offer hope and raised money to support those in need. Them’s good things indeed. Empower the people! Livestrong!! Yes, give the power back to the people. That’s all he wanted to do. Besides the doping, ain’t no wrong with that.

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  5. Thank heavens for this delightful take on what is sure to be a dud of an interview. My hope: Lance, ready for his daily massage, is ambushed by the ghost of Hunter S. Thompson who forces him to drink pig swill and radioactive milk while screaming, ‘…..when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro!!!’

  6. crooked – I beg to differ. The cancer industry is a huge industrial complex which includes large scale agriculture (Monsanto), bio-tech and pharmaceutical industries. It benefits from poisoning you till you are loaded with cancer, and then exploiting you while it claims to “cure” you with more poison. Livestrong is the worst of his legacy, and THAT’s really saying something.

  7. @Gorgonzola de Roncevalles I like the cut of your jib, son.

    “In a closed society where everybody’s guilty, the only crime is getting caught. In a world of thieves, the only final sin is stupidity.”

    1971, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, in Rolling Stone/published as a book in 1972)

  8. So many jewels in this, can’t stop laughing at this one:

    how many Olson twins has he boned?

    Oh and Crooked, Give the power back to the people, empower them eh? How does one be a blue ribbon douche canoe of a bully to anyone who calls hime out on his ‘methods’ and accomplish that?

  9. …whilst i fully agree with the initial part of your statement, babble on & i’d suggest anyone who thinks it’s all a bit too “conspiracy theory”-ish should do some some serious research into the ‘safety factor’ of chemical compounds developed by & willingly used by companies like dupont & monsanto, i’m somewhat on the fence about ‘livestrong’

    …i would agree that with it’s roots in armstrongs self centered legacy that there is a certain nefarious quality to the livestrong brand because it has definitely been used as a publicity machine for one mr lance armstrong, yet monies accrued by the organization, that is to say, what money is not siphoned off for high dollar expenditures ( like fueling that leased corporate jet ), are used for the comfort & succor of cancer patients, their families & close supporters…

    …damn…the more i try & make my own argument, the more i realize what side of the fence my heart really is on & that i’d suggest financial contributers would be better off finding different cancer support groups to donate to…

    …so much for disagreeing with you, babble on…

  10. Bobble on–True, there are other elements to consider when discussing the “cancer industry.” However, in strictly speaking of LA’s foundation, LS was a medium for cancer awareness of all types. For example, whereas the SBK group has breast cancer and the Leukemia society has . . . Leukemia, LS embraced cancer of all types and provided a network of support for those not aligned with these or other cancer support groups. I’m not saying that LS saved lives but I would think that it provided hope for many. . . .

    Ticketchecker–“Empower the people” equates to putting the power back in the hands of those afflicted. “Livestrong,” as I see it, simply means to stand up and fight–for yourself. As for LA being a “blue ribbon douche canoe” who bullied those who contested his performance? Well, I don’t have an answer for that. Nonetheless, he still inspired millions of people to ride their bikes and raise funds for cancer awareness. Fraud or not, it still benefitted many.

    Bikesgonewild–People do have a choice and they can certainly choose to donate to other groups. I think the scandal will certainly tarnish the LS brand and contributions will likely go elsewhere.

    And last, I am in no way a LA fan. Just say’n.

  11. …crooked…as i mention elsewhere on this site, armstrong was a huge inspiration to me personally back in ’02…i had a major medical situation during that years ‘tour’ & whilst questioning my own mortality, i looked up & there was armstrong on the tv screen as my doctor walked in & i honestly said – “…there it is, doc…he came back & i guarantee you, so will i…”

    …i believed in that guy, perhaps longer than i should in the face of the presented evidence but for years now, there has been an unhealhy aspect to his denials…

    …i agree, ‘livestrong’ has had something to offer in support but at this point, maybe it’s time for a change…

  12. So that’s the Tracey Chapman interview with Matthew McConnahey that everyone has been talking about.