Game Changers

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When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. That’s what the teachers told me back in grade school to promote optimism. But when you think about it, in dealing with the strife of everyday life, why the fuck would you make lemonade? I wish they would have told me, “When life kicks you in the balls, ride your bike.”

Jay Petervary knows all about it. I think he actually creates his problems with the bike, and then he solves them with the bike. Now how about that for lemonade?

Dirty told me this morning, “If it’s worth doing, you’ll find a way.” There aren’t many truer words than that. And in Jay’s case, his passion for the bike and the happiness he experiences being on the bike far outweigh the sleepless nights and shitty food he eats during the ride. It’s about the relentless effort to remain stubborn, never settle with comfort, and to keep the desire for zest and creativity in doing the things you love.

Ride the bike.

By the way, if you’re into long-distance adventure riding, check out some of the other pieces we’ve written on the subject.

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10 Replies to “Game Changers”

  1. no matter how much pussy, head, beer, whiskey, err whatnot I do/receive it never compares to the feeling I get when I ride my bike….nothing.

    fucking outstanding ride JP

  2. Nope, pretty sure pussy is the one thing better than riding a bike. Riding does beat whiskey, though, and that’s hard to do.

  3. I’m pretty sure I am leaving work to go ride this afternoon. That’s ok with you guys, right?

  4. Some Guy,
    I remember back at Moose Cross 2009 Jay P and self tossing back Dales until all the others had gone to bed. I call that knowing how to party.

  5. hey there CupCake – I just wanted to say “nice! I thank you and love the narrative! sort of weird cause i fuckin love lemonade and drink the shit out of it on the Divide…”

    you know about the – – Fat Bike Summit and Festival? think i just created another post…and its not a gathering of fat chicks riding bikes…we been updating often at this point…like the FB spread the word PLEASE CupCake.

  6. sorry for the above comment Cupcake. i’m not trying to be funny, cause as posted i have NO humor…

    thanks buddy, the video has gone viral a bit and i appreciate your posting.