you just ride it.

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Last week I was stumped with doing some post about being married to your bike and realized, I wasn’t- It’s just a thing called a “bike” and I  really like riding them, that’s it. They seem to be the best tool so far for what I love the most; riding trails- that’s where the marriage is.

Here in lovely Spokane, I live up on “Cave Mountain” that has a trails right out my front door that you can virtually go out for 4 hrs and stay on single track the whole time with very few road crossings. I have been wanting to video some of the sections around my house and the weather just happen to be oddly good this past weekend, so I gave it a go. My buddy Glen that built my Elephant 29er frame helped me a couple hrs moving my gear around and pushing the start and stop button (thanks Glen). For the rest of it, I was the camera guy and the rider. It was pretty funny after I got done filming and thinking about what I had to do for setting my shots up: hitting the start button, ride up the hill fast to come back down to hit the stop button- it’s a lot of up and then down then back up to hit the stop- then move the tripod to do it again. The things bike geeks do…

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…And no I didn’t Strava this.


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15 Replies to “you just ride it.”

  1. What’s that soft loamy stuff on the ground I see? Where are all of the sharp, stabby, flesh rending rocks? What the hell? A person could fall off of his bike and not end up looking like he’d been given a sponge bath with 30 grit sand paper. The only time I hate living in Arizona is after watching videos like this, and during election season. Thanks for shooting the video Caveman. I guess I’ll have to console myself with yet another 77 degree December day.

  2. Sorry, made comment on Gypsy’s comment and forgot to mention that Cavey’s trails look pretty fly. I loves me some schmoove flowy single. Nice work neanderthal.

  3. Nice, I haven’t had the mojo to ride with work and family, thanks! The new site design is nice, more modern and updated, like a 29er single speed. Keep up the fine work on all fronts.

  4. Geez,man, it must suck to have to ride trails like that all the time. Seems like you’re keeping a good attitude about it, though.

  5. BAHAHAHA! the mean the turtles are mad because the comments are less visible. Poor little whiny bitches. The new site looks awesome. Fuck all the haters

  6. Get a GoPro3 and you can push the start and stop button with your phone. Could do it with multiple go pros at the same time.

  7. Things getting slow up there? Winter blues checking in early? “I love my bike”….waaaahhhh. Buck up son and put the cameras down.

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  9. Beautiful tracks! Indulge yourself in a trip to Copper Harbor, MI some time to enjoy the nirvana there. Copper Harbor Trails Fest is Labor Day weekend. You won’t regret it!