Sea of Rock

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I’m long overdue for a post and can’t quite seem to find the time to type up some stories. Hopefully I’ll carve out some time, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon so I thought I would share this gem with you. A cool story woven into some amazing footage, well worth a bit of your time or at least I think so. Enjoy the next 12:13.

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10 Replies to “Sea of Rock”

  1. Well, near as ah can tell, they’re speaking some furren language, so I believe the correct term is, “Rock de Mare.”

  2. Off the charts….but, then again, it’s Red Bull and they got the dough to shoot, reshoot and make that smooth. Incredible skills but I gotta know if they banged that off in one take.

  3. …while that is awesome in one sense, it’s also just fucking nuts to even wanna ride that stuff…