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13 Replies to “This is where it all started”

  1. 2 reasons this is a must see:

    the cool wipe out at :19

    It’s the 2010 winner of the COMPLETED WASTED NO ONE GIVES A FUCK AWARD

  2. after spending a week up on Cave Mountain I can honestly say that there is nothing exaggerated, staged or remotely untrue about this video. If anything, I would say it is a little too tame

  3. Ima have to go ahead and agree with db on this. Cave Mountain = muy authentico.

    Except maybe for that rooster. Ima huck a pine cone at im.

  4. Mikey, the rooster chased the oil guy today while he was trying to fill the oil tank. I should of told him about the pine cones.

  5. I had the pleasure of living on Cave Mountain for several months and have to agree with the statement above by db, the vid is tame compared to some of the shenanigans around that place.