Mexico, Friends, and Fatbikes

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Last December, myself and a few buddies did a ride from the little resort town of Puerto Peñasco, Mexico  back to Arizona. We rode for 5 days on fatbikes along the east coast of the Sea of Cortez. Keeping the ocean on our left and riding the beach or sand roads as much as possible in our journey north. 

I did a few posts about it and a short film was made of the journey. The video has been circulating amongst our friends and local shops for a few months now but there was never an online version to  share with you guys. That was until today when I got a message saying that it was up on the front page of A big thanks goes out to pinkbike, which is predominantly a downhill and freeride site, for sharing our little shitshow with everybody. All bikes are good.

Now grab a six pack and enjoy the show. It’s 20 minutes long, I hope six is enough for you…   

Mexicellent Adventure on Pinkbike

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11 Replies to “Mexico, Friends, and Fatbikes”

  1. …the bikes, the environment & the adventure – all delightfully absurd…

    …loved reading about it…

    …totally loved watching it…

    …(again) nice, dirty…

  2. Now that’s an adventure worth the vicarious thrills.

    3 questions

    Did any narcotraficantes stop you and ask “What’s in your saddlebags gringos?

    How did you keep the sand outta your drivetrain?

    Did Travis hurl after the fourth Tequila?

  3. And I can’t get that song out of my head.

    Mama was queen of the mambo
    Papa was king of the Congo
    Deep down in the jungle
    I start bangin’ my first bongo
    Every monkey’d like to be
    In my place instead of me
    Cause I’m the king of bongo, baby
    I’m the king of bongo bong

  4. We had next to no trouble from anybody. Bags were searched a little at an army checkpoint, but that was about it

    Everybody was so fucking cool, it was amazing. Probably because we were a bunch of grown men on big clown bikes
    we just kind of embraced the sand. We knew we were only spending 5 days in the sand so we just applied generous amounts of chain lube whenever it started to get crunchy. Aside from flats caused by sea shells, we had zero mechanical issues

    There was no puking and the next day we still couldn’t stay on his wheel

  5. Super fun video! Nice to see a gopro being used a little more creativley than the usual vids people post. As always your adventues inspire! Keep up the good work.

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