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29 Replies to “Our Movement is Better”

  1. Sadly, scatological minds think alike.

    I signed in to say, take a dump on Wall St for me please……

    Possibly a game of flaming bag of dog shit ding dong ditch on the front door of the Exchange?

  2. The whole bull shit against Wall Street and capitalism needs to go away.

    Capitalism made this site possible. Capitalism made all the fancy drugs I’m now on for a kidney infection.

    Capitalism blah blah blah.

    If it wasn’t for capitalism we’d all be walking.

  3. Just promise me you guys won’t wear skinny jeans and ride bikes with tiny handlebars and pastel-colored wheels.

  4. I hate to let trolls get my goat, but hey TTT, did you read the Orwell I suggested? Do you happen to recall how the “capitalists” lined up during the Spanish Civil war in ’36? Right there with the Roman Catholic church and the Facists.

    Karl Marx was right. Capitalism’s inevitable end-game is vast, monopolistic corporations, the product of mergers and acquisitions, controlling the “media” and litigating against any opposing viewpoint. Hm, remind you of any country around here lately? Telecom? Hollywood? And the obvious one— “investment” banking?

    Wake the fuck up, dude.

  5. Wait a minute.

    A regime that controls the media and litigates against any opposing viewpoint… I swear I’ve seen that somewhere. Something about a closet radical leftist that deceived enough people in this really big country and ran it into the ground.

    Or something.

  6. …occupy THIS, motherhumpers….i just won the drunkcyclist lottery !!!…

    …one, brand new, never been worn, last iteration of drunkcyclist, baby blue w/ lovely maroon ‘mudflap girls’, cycling jersey in size L, which came by way of the original ‘trips for kids’ in san rafael…

    …dunno how they acquired it but my old amigo, cycling buddy & fellow co-creator of ‘velo club tamalpais’, gil de la roza spotted it hanging in the bosses office & a light came on when he recognized the name…“hold that, please !!!”, they did & i picked it up yesterday for the grand sum of $20.00 american…

    …that, & the movement i’m about to take when i ‘occupy the throne’ & i’m feeling like a king today…

    …sometimes it’s the simple things in life…

  7. …absofuckinglutely…i’m totally stoked (ancient ’60’s surfer colloquialism meaning “i’m diggin’ it, big time !!!”)…

    …nyc, dirty ???…it IS a cool town in it’s own right but it’s the last place i’d expect you n’ snegg hogg to ‘occupy’

    …have a good time, lads…it’ll be a better town for you two having been…

  8. “Something about a closet radical leftist that deceived enough people in this really big country and ran it into the ground.”

    @BUZ— I hear ya, some dude who started in a Palo Alto garage and “built” the most valuable corporation in human history?

    What exactly is the difference between a “closet radical leftist” and a “closet fascist?” Nothing? Didn’t think so.

    Read your history, people. Orwell (or better yet, Chomsky) on the Spanish war, and yet again I remind you all to review Hoffer’s landmark sociology text from the 50s, _The_True_Believer_. Extremists of every stripe are cannon fodder. The real work, real progress, is ALWAYS performed by moderates.

  9. What this picture doesn’t show is directly below it was NYPD squad car with 2 officers standing next to it. I caught 1 of the cops brown bagging I right from the squad car. No fucks given by that guy.

  10. “Triple D, You are the rape of the natural world.”

    With unmitigated douche bags like you around I have no choice.

  11. @14, Shit, I smoke comments like that on a piece of foil in the bathroom before I busta nut in your mom’s eye. The free market is gonna tie you up to the fence and pummel your ass rodney king style ’till your as soft as a wad of cookie dough. believe it.

  12. “…before I busta nut in your mom’s eye.”

    Bring a shovel. She’s been dead for 7 years. Gates of Heaven cemetery in East Hanover, NJ.

    A perv like you would have a great time there.

  13. Where the early defenders of marxism got it wrong is you just can’t force it on people. It is argued among some academic circle jerks that Marxism is the next step in social evolution. However it will not be possible until capitalism has completely exhausted itself. So If you really want to make a difference as a marxis during what some call the end times of capitalism. Go out and SPEND SPEND SPEND!!! DRIVE THAT FUCKER INTO THE GROUND!!!

  14. Thank you, Dirty, you’re right. Our movement is graceful, it’s sustainable, it’s beautiful, and it contributes to our better health and welfare. Our movement is quiet and subtle, and it has the element of surprise hidden inside, because our ranks are swelling.

    Bucky Fuller said “there is nothing as powerful as an idea whose time has come.” It’s time for a bit of change is all, and more and more people are putting the pieces of the puzzle together and figuring out how simple it is to live healthy happy lives without indulging in the worst excesses of a world gone mad.

    One day we will reach critical mass, and the power of this movement will transform our world into a much better place to live. Our movement is waaaaaaaaay better.

    Keepin’ it dirty… :D

  15. Thanks for the shots Dirty! I will roll around the mean streets of Manhattan with a hangover today.

  16. @ 12, so would that be legitimate rape? =:)

    Don’t want any True Believers getting knocked up, they might spread that filth around. Next thing you know, we’ll be getting told that we didn’t evolve, and that space aliens delivered some plates of metal to upstate NY so that we’d know how many wives we can have, and other important shit like that…..

  17. @Gutpile— true enough, brother.

    The problem is that “end-stage” capitalism— that is, monopoly markets owned lock, stock and barrel by a tiny and obscenely wealthy minority— can alternatively slip into good old-fashioned feudalism. (Fascism is also an applicable word.) This uncomfortable notion is what leads some people to plan for revolution, not evolution.

    Me? I’m sitting it out. The Trophy Bike has run over 1000 perfect miles so far this summer and I’ve spent exactly $4 on the program. (At seven years, I consider her fully depreciated, so I count no capital cost.) It’s gonna get into the 60s today and I’m hoping for fifty miles. Rubber side down, brothers and sisters.

  18. if we have a feud then I want at sajak to rule it. because he is smart as fuck.