Summer is finally over…

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You know how I know that the blast furnace of a Sonoran desert summer is finally over? Because people are starting to talk about 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo. It’s still pretty hot outside but rest assured…summer is over. Registration opens for this party on October 1st and it is sure to fill up fast.Wanna see what a party in the desert looks like? Check their new video out:

Some cool tunes from The Awkward Moments and our friends at Backof the Pack Racing can be seen doing athletic things in there. Team Drunkcyclist even makes an appearance around 1:55. If I heard the story right, that is the Scandinavian Jesus and Turkey at a Crown Royal and Valentines Day candy stop somewhere around 7am. Yup, it’s that kind of party.  

If that wasn’t enough, here is a little link dump of some old posts about the race:

A Dirty pit crew

Will he defend his title?

D2 solo with a kiss

Dirty gets real tired

I recommend everybody spend the first few minutes of work Monday morning signing up for this thing. It is worth traveling for and guaranteed to be a good  time.

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5 Replies to “Summer is finally over…”

  1. Goddamn I wanna do that race again. Whattaya think, Dirty? can we hook up Exposure lights and get our fat asses out there in the cold desert again? I’ll bring the Tecate…

  2. Day-um, your commentariat on Dirty Pit Crew are all my kinda guys! This looks like my kind of event, too. If ever a girl was made for a drunkcyclist jersey, that girl would be me.

  3. I’m throwing around the idea of doing it Solo again…but rocking it single speed this time