2012 World Championships

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Philippe Gilbert and Marianne Vos took the wins in their respective world championship races this weekend.  Gilbert made everyone forget his less than stellar spring campaign, and Vos capped off the end of a phenomal season.

Gilbert attacking at the end (from cyclingnews.com)

Here is a video of the final 5 km of the mens race.  It all in French, and all I could understand was, “champion du monde”.

Vos wins it (photo from cyclingnews.com)

Here is the video of the highlights from the womens race.  Tragically the goons from NBC Universal are providing commentary, so you might just want to turn your sound off.

I’m not informed enough to provide any sort of analysis or major recap of the races, so I’ll leave that to the folks who get paid to do so.  I’m sure cyclingsnooze and velosnooze will have plenty of articles going up about these races over the next day or so.  I’m pretty sure they are drinking a lot in Belgium tonight, and hopefully Tomke is enjoying the company of some lovely ladies.

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About 40 Hands

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17 Replies to “2012 World Championships”

  1. …props to philippe gilbert – i’m a fan…

    …same goes to marianne vos…chick constantly works her ass off, road + cx…

  2. Great race to watch, it made painting our bedroom a little less soul-destroying (dove grey, should you be interested). I mostly enjoyed Stannard’s efforts and Nibali’s turn at the front. Thought Sagan was a but disappointing. Gilbert was always going to win that though – his fave finish.

    So, now onto Il Lombardia – this is a race with soul…


  3. I think if Vos could have dedicated protection by one teammate, she could finish a Men’s Elite race.

    Would be a publicity stunt for sure and a team would then be racing with 7, but give her a Gesink or a Wolfman and the two could finish with the main pack. She’s that good.

  4. …btw…big props to 40 hands for posting up the vids…

    …the joy of vos as she crossed the line holding the dutch flag over her head with both hands, on her home soil was absolutely delightful…

    …a moment not to be missed by cycling fans…

  5. Here’s a rather precious WC video. Needless to say ’89 was classic for many reasons, but the newfound footage (at least for me) of Bob Roll at 14:00> looking like a drunk coasting home at 2am in the freaking WC makes it even more special. Forgive him for the LA ball tonguery, the man is clearly a DC (and the truth is he doesn’t seem to be on the gravy train quite as bad as Sir Phil Liggett). And of course there is the enchanting 80’s background keyboard crap to languish in.


  6. Even with the best internet connection in the world that french TV feed link would take all night to buffer. WTF ya frogs?

  7. A guy (Froome?) over on CN said it best…

    “A massive chapeau to Phillipe Gilbert.

    This world championships win was the win he has coveted most of all and for him to get it in such style is magnificent. The context of his win makes it all the most special as he could have bowed out like Cancellara after the masses of disappointment he has been forced to endure this year. Yet instead he has fought on and he made himself ride the Vuelta with the sole purpose of it being a warm up for these world championships. The drive and determination he has demonstrated in order to continue to race in such a positive manner is unbelievable. He may have portrayed some frustration at times, but to me that has merely served to accentuate the impressiveness of his win as he has proved himself capable of coming back from lows and continuing to aim high.

    Additionally the masses of expectation from his country ,who have given him such a hard time this year, has surely been very difficult for him to manage. Yet he has handled the criticism brilliantly and even though it may have harmed other riders, he has stood firm and determined.

    His story this season is the epitome of what real bike racing is all about, to go out there and really and truly want to win, is something which was much more prominent in days gone by. But Gilbert has had the tenacious and obstinate nature to delve deep in and truly want to win the World champs and for that I applaud him.”

  8. …the only thing i’d add, winky, is that philippe gilbert seems to maybe have a better understanding than most of his strength in any given race, in that he knows how much of the match to burn in his final decisive attack with the realization that there needs be enough to maintain a pace which will ultimately hold that gap to the finish line…

    …his style has been pretty consistent over the years…

    …guys must hate it when they see him get away near the barricades ‘cuz they know he’s relentless when one of his well timed attacks creates that gap…

  9. I think Wiggo’s dig at Cancellara was uncalled for. Gilbert salvaged a mediocre year with that (well deserved) win. Cancellara was in winning form early on, broke his collarbone, got back to good form (the Olympic RR would have finished very differently had he not crashed), and re-injured his shoulder. I don’t see how he can be faulted for wanting a reset. It would have been great to see him at the WC, and the course would have suited him, but I think it’s totally understandable that he skipped the end of the season.

  10. @EJ. Yeah, I’d agree that Cancellara was mostly just desperately unlucky, and to imply that he somehow “gave up” is harsh. Uncalled for, as you say. I nearly cried when he hit that water bottle in the spring and we were denied the Boonen/Cancellara clashes we were so looking forward to.

  11. …it’s funny…guys talk about how cool/prestigious it is to win the olympic road race but right now, several months later, i can’t even remember who won yet i could tell you who won the last 5 world road championships…

  12. Vos is a killer. Attacks, checks, tucks back in and waits. The attack on the next-to-last lap was great stuff. She knew then what she had to know and kept the heat on. Props to her teammate – great ride too.