Tuesdays With Dirty: Ghost Post via Snakehawk…

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Dirty’s in Vegas(ish).  So as not to let his legendary Tuesday chin dribble evaporate, I decided to do a post for him – a Ghost Post, if you will.  What’s happening (besides jamming needles into coke cans) in our creepy CAT2 Secret Training Data Van is essentially this:

I know.  It’s sexy.  That’s how we do things here at Drunkcyclist.com

So anyhow, he’s up at the Interbike Galactic Exposition of Corporate Corpulence, Planned Obsolescence, and Unreasonable Preseason Order Requirements.  That’s what he told me it’s called, anyways.  In addition to smearing wet clay around on my delicate forearms, he would also like you to know that you can expect a full report on every advancement in 11-12 speed cassette technology along with electron microscope photographs of Specialized’s proprietary new Metal Matrix, which is like the old Metal Matrix, only they had some dudes design it for them just before they got fired and subsequently sued back into changing tubes for 9.00 per hour until they die.  Dirty’s got photos of that, too, and probably other things, but the most important thing is that though he is not with us on a keyboard, he is helping me make this new lost wax positive for Giant Bicycle Company’s new downhill headtube.  Long live the industry.  It is a Sexy®, Sexy©, Sexy™ Industry, and it can sue you if you want it to.

He’s actually just skizzard like a lizzard up there, drinking cucumber beer and playing rock climber.

Dirty via Snakehawk

Over & out.

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12 Replies to “Tuesdays With Dirty: Ghost Post via Snakehawk…”

  1. Damn, Snegg Hork, you got some pretty forearms.

    Wait, that’s not Snake Hawk in the photo, snugging with Patrick Swayze? Damn these internets and the kitten cloggage.

  2. …dirty @ interbling…that’ll help balance things out…

    …& to each his own but, damn that’s just sick w/ patrick swayze & that young man with the big mound being molded & shaped between his splattered thighs as it’s squeezed by wet, slippery fingers…

    …jeezuz, snegg hogg, your taste in pornography is absolutely disgusting…

  3. Interbike Galactic Exposition of Corporate Corpulence, Planned Obsolescence, and Unreasonable Preseason Order Requirements.

    Nice. That’s the Drunkcyclist I know and love. Bring on the snark and disrespect. Fuck Trek. Fuck Specialized and especially Fuck Cancer Jesus.

    Sure beats videos of some teenager doing stupid tricks on his bmx bike. Which reminds me of Stuart. The most excellent bike tricks begin at 4:10

    “Look what I can do!”


  4. Time for a detox, Turtleman. Your wet brain needs some dryin up. That clip was from MADtv not SNL.

  5. And you didn’t even spell your own name correctly. You’re a mess, kid. Take a nap. It’s before 2pm east coast time and you’re already drunk. You’re what I call a Professional Drinker.

  6. mt chiselton limestone… yummy. i would love to listen to the techno, consumer jargon and marketing speak spewed on the Interbike floors… pure, comedic gold!

  7. …every product at interbling will have been designed by an accredited rocket surgeon & it will be spoken of in loving terms & sold as the most precious cargo imaginable…

    “…you NEED this & you KNOW you want this ‘cuz it’s SPECIAL…see how SHINY it is ???…now sign here…”