Thirty five thousand reasons to ride The Whiskey

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$35,000 Cash Purse Announced
2013 Whiskey Off-Road Mountain Bike Event in Prescott, Arizona
(Las Vegas, Nev.) September 17, 2012 – For those in search of an iconic, Old West city of 40,000 residents and cowboys who close off town square, set up a massive stage for a free concert, put in a New Belgium Brewing Beer Garden, line an entire street with more than 65 enthusiastic bike industry vendors and welcome everyone with genuine frontier charm, hospitality and some of the greatest mountain biking in America, then Prescott, Arizona is the place to be the weekend of April 26-28, 2013.

Thanks in part to the incredible support of sponsors, Prescott National Forest and the City of Prescott, Epic Rides is proud to announce the 10th Annual Whiskey Off-Road Mountain Bike Event, one of the premier mountain bike events in the country.

Known for offering huge cash purses and even huger fun, Epic Rides has upped the ante yet again, announcing one of the biggest one-day cash purses in mountain bike history – $35,000! And because Epic Rides firmly believes in equal pay for equal anaerobic suffering, each of the top ten finishing female and male pro riders will receive equal payout for their masochistic efforts. For the entrants who simply mountain bike for fun, fitness and maybe a little competition, the Whiskey Off-Road rewards everyone with swagadocious memorabilia like a t-shirt, water bottle, collectible poster, finishers pint glass and, for those true hammerheads who make it on the podium, a genuine stainless steel whiskey flask.

What started ten years ago as a small mountain bike event in a charming, Wild West frontier town has since grown into one of the largest mountain bike celebrations in the country and the essence of what mountain biking – and simply enjoying life – is all about; having fun, staying fit and making lifelong memories with family, friends, and yes, even random strangers in old west regalia.

“The Whiskey Off-Road is more than just a mountain bike event,” said Todd Sadow, President of Epic Rides. “It’s a celebration of life and community regardless of whether or not you’re a cyclist. From the free Saturday concert, kids race and weekend-long industry expo to experiencing all the outstanding restaurants, art galleries, bars on Whiskey Row and even the simple pleasures of nature surrounding Prescott, the Whiskey Off-Road offers something for everyone.”

The three days of festivities start on Friday with a pro men’s and women’s Fat Tire Criterium through the streets of Prescott, an industry and vendor tech expo complete with demo bikes and the newest mountain bike gear as well as a beginner-level “15 proof” (1 mile = 1 proof) fun ride. Saturday starts early with more than 1,500 amateur riders awaiting a cowboy’s gunshot before racing out of town on a 25 proof (25-mile) and 50 proof (50-mile) journey. While the racers are out enjoying the Prescott National Forest, families can experience a full day of activities including kids’ rides, live music and entertainment. Sunday caps off the celebration with the men’s and women’s $35,000 cash purse 50-proof endurance cross-country race.

Registration opens January 1, 2013, visit to get more details on this celebration of life, community and the beloved sport of mountain biking.

The Whiskey Off-Road is an example of public and private cooperation, made possible from the City of Prescott, the Prescott National Forest and Epic Rides. Major sponsors include BlackburnCirrus Visual CommunicationEagles-Prescott AerieEaston CyclingEmpire-CaterpillarHammer Nutrition, New Belgium Brewing, Stans No Tubes and the Springhill Suites by Marriott.

About Epic Rides
Founded in 1999, Epic Rides has become world famous for producing events that celebrate the many positive aspects of mountain biking. Events such as the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo, Tour of the White Mountains and the Whiskey Off-Road are popular with participants because they offer challenging, fun riding and emphasize the joy and camaraderie inherent in the sport.

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7 Replies to “Thirty five thousand reasons to ride The Whiskey”

  1. …so, whatta ya do when cancer jesus, who has fewer & fewer options to compete these days, decides he wants to do the ‘whiskey’ ???…

    …just askin’…

  2. The Whiskey is certainly a spectacle now, but I’m done. Too many people on the trails for me. Ought four will always be my favorite vintage. I remember Gnome and Justin hammering up the Skull Valley climb, an awesome (and much more intimate) party out back of Coyote Joe’s with some cowgirl on cowgirl action (have pics of that one), Jimbo’s birthday, and closing down Whiskey Row. I don’t think $adow can top that one.

  3. Thanks for the props, Whiskey ’04.

    That day was an incredible ride for me, and you’re right, the post ride party at Coyote Joe’s that year will not be topped. It was, as you say, much more intimate… much more local. Those days when it held onto the grass roots feel we still seek today, well, I’m just happy to know I was there.

    C’est la vie. Things must grow, and things must die.

    Here’s to the growth of The Whiskey. Sadow has provided us all with an impeccable solution to our wants and needs nearly every time.

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