Psychlo-Cross Cometh

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Kona loves cyclo-cross. So do we. I made a cameo at last year’s cyclo-cross national championship bicycle riding competition, or See Ex Nats as the cool kids say. As Snake Hawk puts it, “It’s about time ’round here to be getting stoked about vomit handlebar wrap season.” I’ll be out there making sure people don’t get at all serious, and I’ll be packing heat. Make of it what you will, but also make sure you’re following your training plan, for your liver. No posers allowed. Nope. Check out this clip the Bs and Gs put together over at Konaworld. Yep they got that swag. BTW, who the hell’s that wildebeest at 1:13?

And if you came over from our facebook page..

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Peace to your fleece.


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8 Replies to “Psychlo-Cross Cometh”

  1. Ain’t much for cyclocross. It’s the running, you see. I can turn a crank all day long, but my ankles been trashed for years. My knees too. And that tore up hamstring from back in December as been one stubborn slow-healing motherfucker.

    But I do dearly love to watch. And I loves me some ‘croos bike. If I could only have one bike* it would be my Crosscheck, hands down.

    If only I’d a known about the sport twenty** years ago.

    **Okay, thirty years then.

  2. …alright, dirty, did anyone take the time to inquire as to the state of health of the poor frightened hartebeest ???…nahhh, i didn’t think so, you savannah plundering misfits…

    …actually, props to joey for surviving that shit…that video was everywhere when it first came out…

    …& cross season (yay, cross season) in the bay area always starts out hot n’ muggy but usually devolves into the wet as the months pass…

    …lookin’ forward to the annual golden gate park race later in the season but the greater bay area has some fantastic courses these days…

  3. But Cupcake….. I am not ready! How many beers do I need to drink before the season starts? Do I still have time?