My lil buddy Paris… he’s a sharpshooter.

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I have a buddy named Paris Gore, he’s a young photog that is coming into the biz swinging hard and shooting people between the eyes. I asked him a week ago if he’d like to post something for the DC since he spent a week up at Whistler covering the Crankworx event, he got back to me and said “hell yeah Cave!”

Here is Paris’s perspective of Crankworx…

I was a Crankworx virgin until this year, and Whistler spit me out last Sunday as a different man for better or worse. After a few days, I got fairly used to the daily hangovers and waking up to some girl you may or may not know. Aside from that aspect of Crankworx, which I’m sure anyone who’s been knows what I’m talking about; this year was truly epic. Stevie Smith absolutely owned Crankworx Winning Garbonzo DH, Air DH and Canadian Open DH. Brandon Semenuk’s winning streak went completely down the shit can and some foreigner named Thomas Genon that no one has ever heard of ended up winning. Man Brandon must be bummed on that behalf. Reuben Krabbe also won the Deep Summer Photo Challenge that I was lucky enough to be apart of, check out our slideshow. Until next time Crankworx, my liver will take a solid rest until next year.

Stevie tears the Canadian Open course a new hole.
I don’t know who it is, but there are a large amount of holy angel boners going on here.
Satan and wasted white chicks
No crankworx goes without some naked dude getting chased by a weiner booking it down the course.
Thats a crowd watching bikes get tricky.
This is what the crowd gets to see front and center for the last big hit.
This is the win… let it spray.

Thanks again to Paris for getting out there and bringing us the goods!

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7 Replies to “My lil buddy Paris… he’s a sharpshooter.”

  1. Snipe away bro. Snipe away.’

    Except for that Bud Light thingie in the background all is primo.

    Bud Light sucks ass.

  2. I was a Whistler virgin at Crankworx this year as well. I was definitely deflowered. Ouch the partying there is balls to the wall just like the riding. Bringing the gopro to the bar was fun for a while