Goodbye, Baller (aka Hincapie retires.)

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From Velonews:

Hincapie (BMC Racing) rode on nine championship teams, guiding Lance Armstrong, Alberto Contador and Cadel Evans to yellow. He brought that selflessness to every team he rode for, from U.S. Postal Service to BMC Racing, where he recently took long pulls in hopes of piloting Tejay van Garderen to yellow in Colorado, where he ultimately finished second.

Dude is a baller and then some.

George gettin it done.

In case you missed it this summer.

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19 goddamn seasons as a Lieutenant. Pulling the likes of that shitheel Lance. Damn, man. You will not be soon forgotten.

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27 Replies to “Goodbye, Baller (aka Hincapie retires.)”

  1. …hear, hear (here, here, ???), bikepunk…

    …if you’ve ever wished for a guy to win a race, it was big george in paris – roubaix, over & over & over…

    ..achingly close but that’s bike racing…

    …excellent career, dedicated man…major props…

  2. I could not care less if he ever gets dragged down in doping charges, that man is a class act and has shown over the years that he knows how to ride a fucking bike. Chapeau on a solid career Mr Hincapie.

  3. He’s a doper that must be run out of town on a rail. He was complicit throughout every Armstrong win. They should take away every win, how else can we protect the sport for the young up and coming riders.

  4. So righteous that he waits until he was about to retire and then take a sweetheart deal from USADA to avoid a long-term ban and suspension to throw Lance under the bus

    Cheers George!

  5. I don’t care about his past doping. I don’t think he had much of a choice really.
    What stands out about him was that he walked away from Team Discovery and joined what was at the time the team with the cleanest riders and the most rigorous testing – High Road. He kept his mouth shut about past doping like most people did but he chose to ride for a clean team and to be an example to the younger generations of cyclists. Still he worked tirelessly to ensure the success of others, whether leading out Mark Crashandbitch or managing the mid race road tactics for GC contenders and of course being the faithful lieutenant to Evans and others. He could have jumped to Astana And then Radiosnack when Lance 2.0 happened but he stayed put and rode clean and with dignity. I think he deserves serious credit for a hell of a career and for being clean in the later years of his career.

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  7. Christ – do you guys ever listen to yourselves? It’s USADA-lite in here – complete with selective prosecutions, judges and juries.

  8. Ahhhh. KG. My old friend. Just pissing on people to piss on people. You still mad about McOldfart and the Quittah from Wasilla losing to someone you called “weak” ?

    I subscribe to Big Jonny’s theory posited here more often than you’ve admitted you’re wrong.

    Thay ALL dope. Every one. If no one doped, the same guys would win, just 5kmh slower.

    Guy is harder than anyone on this forum and should be treated with a modicum of respect.

    Same with Lance. He doped; he should be dealt with. REGARDLESS, he won 7 TOURS IN A ROW. That alone is an accomplishment deserving respect.

    I dont like the guy. I believe he doped. But to come back from cancer and win 7 in a row is something to give props to.

    And as the Republicans are fond of denying, he couldn’t have done it alone. Without George, there wouldn’t have been 7 wins. Full stop.

  9. he was curiously strong as I was able to race a Superweek criterium with him back in late ’80s. He was nearly his 6’3″ stature as a 16 year old and was the talk of the junior field. You always know where he has in the field, he ended up setting a blistering pace lapped the field junior field within the first 10 of 40 laps…I barely hung onto the field as 1/2 of the 80+ junior field were shelled. I think he may have gained a 2nd lap by the end. He was strong enough to double dip since he took a recovery lap and joined pro1/2 field, and eventually won that race in a small break that got away in the last few laps.

    Ass kicked by future baller…we all need a claim to fame. If I would have been lucky enuf to have had genetics, talent, dedication and results to be a pro, I’m sure I would have given into the temptation to play with the juice.

    doping is like a poker game. you gotta who to pay how much to get you the best stuff and teach you how to strategically integrate your doping strategy within your annual training and racing schedule. Always evolving and 1 step ahead of doping controls. The more money you got in the game, the longer you stay in, the greater reward and risk, just a matter of how you play the game.

    It’s simply poker. Like Kenny said, “You gotta know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em”.

  10. Hard not to like this guy. Real shame that he effectively spent most of his career as a bag man for the LA mafia. He was better that that. I am sure the pay was good though.

  11. I just farted in bed. Absolutely awful smell. Sounded like a rapid fire diarrhea gun. This is gonna be one of those nights. Yeah, George was a fuckin baller for real!

  12. I have to agree with Kg_c. If your going to be all self righteous about Lance you may as well go after George. Haters!

  13. That split-second when Gorgeous George’s steerer tube snapped off while he was in the lead group at P-R, and he’s looks at the bars in his hands, no bike attached, and WHAM face down on the cobbles at 30+ MPH. Baller.

  14. I actually have no problem with dopers, all my cycling heros doped.

    What I have a problem with is people who will demonize lance in one breath and then cradle George’s balls in another. They both doped, both part of the same program, they either both sucked and were bad for the sport, or they should be both held up as kick ass bike racers.

    Suck it.

  15. @Kg_c – I just sucked it and it was awful. Why did you tell us to do that? We won’t soon trust you again, damn.

  16. …the thing is, only one guy spent an untold fortune on lawyers, tactics & spin doctoring to discredit, demean, vilify & in essence, abuse anyone willing to speak the truth…

    …yep, all the pro cyclist’s i once looked up to used drugs too, so basically they all lied & cheated but they didn’t pull the sleazy, lowlife kinda shit that armstrong pulled, whilst building himself a worldwide pedestal of adulation…

    …the others raced their bikes, albeit doped but that was their purpose…a life in a sport they loved…

    …so, yes, armstrong has helped raise awareness of an insidious disease but he’s done it by shitting on those around him who were willing to reveal the truth…

    …to bring comfort to one group of sufferers, he’s been willing, for years now, to make life miserable for people who didn’t deserve his machinery of abuse so he can stand on a pedestal as cancer jesus…

    “i’m lance armstrong…husband, father, cancer survivor & winner of 7 tours de france…& a bigger sack of shit behind the scenes than you could ever imagine…”

  17. I don’t understand the general ‘sack of shit’ reference.
    If I am Ill I say ‘I feel like ten pounds of shit in a five pound bag’. Feel like shit.

    The drama of cycling these days is like the Dukes of Hazard mixed with who shot JR.

  18. Ya gotta excuse Pops. Given his limited vocabulary, he’s generally reduced to making scatalogical references. After awhile you learn to (almost) ignore it.

  19. That’s one player I can’t hate nearly as much as I hate the game. Seeing him atop the podium in Roubaix would have been my greatest vicarious sporting thrill ever. Chapeau!