Monday Motivation

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It’s Monday. It sucks.

We have to do it. We have to fund the fun. But we don’t  have to like it. I hope you are all sore, dehydrated, sunburned and generally worn out from this weekend. That means you are doing it right. As an Irish friend once told me “I’m never hung over on my time, I try to always be hung over on my boss’ time. Fuck him.”


Here are a couple videos I stumbled across this morning that will help you pass some time…until we can do it all over again next weekend:

Our friend Ryan V.D. made it 32 years without a driver’s license. Until now:

YouTube Preview Image


The Unstoppables sent over their latest video and it is nothing short of inspiring:

A little link dumpage for ya’ll:

The Semi-Rad talks about Unltralight Gear.

Some DH racing from Ft. Bill.

Project Roam pays tribute to the trail dog.

Spooky Bikes pointed me in the direction of this old Minor Threat show from 1980 … That’s 42 minutes of pure awesome as far as I’m concerned.

In closing, I would like to say that I feel society as a whole, doesn’t listen to enough Descendants.

YouTube Preview Image

I need more coffee…

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40 Replies to “Monday Motivation”

  1. Any post containing references to bikes, minor threat and the descendents
    is a good one by me! Especially on a monday…

  2. funny I told Fatbike Joe he needed more Descendents in his playlist just last night…..

    Great minds indeed.

    I did go forth and conquer, so much so that a wicked hangover is ravaging my Monday…or rather the Boss’s Monday.

  3. How could all this have gotten to the Intardtoobwebnets without mention of Black Flag? Expeshully on a Monday, even?

    Sheesh. Fuggin rookies…

  4. Fuck Ya Dirty!
    My Monday just got a lot better after that tidbit from Milo and the boys.

    All this talk about spankin’ yourself.
    You startin’ up 8th grade next week?

  5. What happens when I’m hung over AND I am the boss?

    I rode my bike to work today and when I put my plastic soled shoe down on the wet blacktop before entering the building, I slipped and fell on my bike. Bruised the shit out of my elbow, took a brake lever to the chest, and bent the fucking front rim. fml.

  6. “@TripleT
    All this talk about spankin’ yourself.
    You startin’ up 8th grade next week?”

    It’s called not having a women. It happens to the best of us.

    And even when a man has a GF he’s still 1 step from 8th grade. No matter how fucking old he gets. That’s why we still ride bikes at our ages.

  7. …didn’t own a car ’til i was 40 years old…

    …didn’t have a license ’til i was 41 years old…

    …the officer was nice about that speeding ticket on the way to the race ‘cuz he was diggin’ on the ti bikes up top but he insisted my buddy hadda take the wheel…

    …he did let the fact that the car wasn’t properly registered slide, which was nice…

  8. @Hurben

    For the most part youse guys have your taste in music so far up your asses I can’t even hear it.

    But that last link. The Skunks. Stand Up.

    That was primo brother. Bravo for hooking me up with that.

    Here’s what I’m rocking too right now.

    Excuse the ads. I don’t run the Internet.

  9. What you need at a time like this, ttt, is Paganini’s Caprices. The Itzhak Perlman CD.

    Or anything symphonic performed by Russians. Trust me.


  10. I mean, “Canon in D”? Seriously, dude, grow a pair. By your generally constant pissy attitude you could stand some “Tocatta and Fugue in D Minor.” Seriously, go fugue yourself.

    Or maybe “1812 Overture”. Seriously and for real, when I was a child I( dreamed of becoming a classical musician.

    Until I found out they only use the cannons on that one piece.

    But you can still blow shit up. That can be therapeutic too.

  11. Boy, I absolutely OOZE subtlety* and don’t you forget it. Just sayin’…

    *And ESPECIALLY when I’m blowin’ shit up.

  12. Oh, and I never said a bleepin’ word about Russian music. I said CLASSICAL music PLAYED by Russians*. Do try to keep up; there’s a good fellow.

    *Thinking of Yvgeny Kissin’s** (sp?) famous debut recording. Fucker’s-what?-twelve of fourteen and he’s playing THAT???!!! Dayum.

    **Don’t strain yourself. Of COURSE you’ve never heard of him.***

    ***You’re welcome.

  13. I think I might have oozed alittle of it on you*. Better get a towel.

    *Or vice-versa.

  14. “…peckerhead day*…” I guess if anyone would know about them, you would.

    Crap, now I gots to dig out my CD of guitarist John Williams performing lute suites (rhymes with “toot sweet”) by J.S. Bach.

    Hey, I think I just found you a stripper name that will fit.

  15. I live for peckerhead days and strippers.

    Now dig out that CD and share.

    I’ve heard of John Williams but that is all…

  16. Can’t link for shit. So I clicked on some Miles Davis. “So What”, from the groundbreaking 1959 album “Kind of Blue”. Then I listened to “Giant Steps”. Mmmmmm, ‘Trane.

  17. And how can you not fucking link ??

    The 4 year old next door can link a Mofo.

    Are you retarded ??

  18. Waitaminnitt…You bust my prodigious balls over my lack of google-fu, then put up a tune entitled “Nobody’s Perfect”? I just don’t know what to make of that.

  19. Hey all,

    wwJesusDo here. I am currently here in Caracas, VZ. Freakin’ awesome. Wakin’ up every morning at 5:30 to Macaws cackling in my ear and Gacarachas yoddling. I walk to work past a plethora of palms, ferns, mango trees, banana plants, epiphites. Every day it’s 83 degrees and at night it gets to the 60s. Only down side of Caracas is navigating the streets on a 29er.