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The lads at always put together a great show — if you have not listened before you owe it to yourself to check them out. It is totally slick and pro. They are LIVE every Tuesday night from 7-8 PM PST on — and podcast available for FREE download on iTunes.

Tonight? Tonight it gets fun. Tonight is “The Dope Show”.

The thinking behind the show tonight is like this – we all want to know more about doping especially in light of recent news regarding Pharmstrong and USADA and Tygart etc. etc.

Guests tonight include “The Doper Next Door” author Andrew Tilin, who wrote about “My strange and scandalous year on performance enhancing drugs” as well as the UCI Overlord from Twitter renown.

It promises to be very interesting…. any takers from USA Cycling or USADA?

Tune in and find out…

…. and “get on your bikes and RIDE…”

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7 Replies to “Tonight on”

  1. waiting for big jonnys next update on the storm. and for you kids out there: for the first time 2012 el tour de tucson will have doping controls

  2. I read Tilin’s 200+ pages of self-indulgent crap (thankfully from the library). If for whatever reason you have a need for self-induced vomiting by all means go out and pick it up or listen to the show tonight – either should do the trick.

  3. …i noticed that one of the advertisers on the right, ‘the pedal pushers club’ sells a yellow t-shirt with a picture of a bicycle & the logo – “defend lance”

    …i’ll buy one if on the back it sez =
    HAHAHAHA !!!

    …to be fair to ‘the pedal pushers club’, they do have some cool logo-ed t-shirts…i may have to buy the ‘ride dc’ version, which has an awesome graphic on the front, even though the ‘dc’ is for washington dc, not drunkcyclist…

  4. …i can envision walking past a group of lancestrong supporters at some athletic event & getting smiles & ‘thumbs up’ when they see the “defend lance” on my t-shirt…

    …i’d have to learn to whistle, so that i could ignore ’em once i walked past & they read the back…

  5. “You just have to put your lips together and…blow.”
    Slim, “To Have and Have Not”

    Jeeze, Pops, I’d a thunk you knew all them old movies by heart.