It’s about the Dirt

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When you drive through the desert southwest it is impossible to miss all the giant fins and domes of dirt everywhere. Eons of erosion spreading out like dirty fingers through the treeless desert. The dirt is soft under your tires yet solid enough to get speed and be in control.  But just unpredictable enough to keep you on your toes.  As a mountain biker, it is almost irresistible.

Last fall, my buddy Angry Buddhist and I were driving through such an area on our way to Fruita when we decided to stop for a little road side distraction. We had the proper bikes for the job and about 8 beers between us,  so we set out to scout some fun lines.


We packed down a few lines and tossed ourselves at the soft landings. I have been told that I giggle like a little girl in these situations but I never hear it. Although I’m pretty sure that this was one of those times. We even moved on to some progressively bigger and more committing lines. 

We walked away high on life and quite honestly, thinking  that we were pretty bad-ass. Recently I have stumbled upon more and more videos of some great riders on similar terrain.

YouTube Preview Image

As if that wasn’t a hard enough blow to the ego…This morning I watch this:

YouTube Preview Image

Now these riders are infinatley more talented than I am on two wheels, but that is not why my mind is blown. Take some terrain I love to ride. Make it taller and steeper than I have ever seen and then put it in the middle of Asia. Foreign travel plus real mountain biking where tracks may have never been put down before… Sign me up, I would die a happy man.

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17 Replies to “It’s about the Dirt”

  1. Who the fuck are these people???!! They need to CTFO and have a freaking cupcake, man.

    go ride.

  2. …insane shit but props & more power to ’em…

    …mess up on some of those & you end up with a crapcake in your riding shorts…

  3. The first one I’m not sure, I believe Moab. The second one is Gobi Desert in Northern China. I just purchased Strength in NUmbers a week ago. The riding is gnarly.

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  5. …snegg doc…sometimes when a company, cycling or not, decides to “…get serious…”, they lose true perspective on the assets they’re pissing away…

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  7. @Triple T

    Hayduke we are not. This was the “on deck circle” portion of the trip. Much later a picnic table top full of whiskey, tequila, and scotch was consumed. There was also three coolers full of various beers for “chasers”. This was a full blown shitshow of debauchery, and we came out victorious.

  8. @ Virgil MFR and Paul in Vagina

    All shots are from the USA, a bit north of Flagstaff. I know because that pinprick of a person in shot #3 is my own self. Look real close and you can see I pissed myself.