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You may be reading this from New Zealand, or Germany or wherever your corner of the United States may be.  But it is no secret that DC has it’s roots firmly planted in the Southwest and more specifically Arizona. Lately I have been on a mission to try and give back to all of you loyal readers out there. Whether it be through the occasional facebook contest or through some of the more kick-ass aid stations in MTB racing.

I was talking about this with a local promoter and he suggested that maybe we could offer a discount code to his race for DC readers. Make note: Jeremy over at 4 Peaks Racing is one smart man.  He is putting on a 24 hour race(also a 12hr option) here in the Phoenix area and has been kind enough to extend a 10% discount to DC readers. Check out the 24 Hours of Fury held November 3rd and 4th and enter discount code DCYCLIST for a little break in price. I have done this race in the past and I plan on doing it again this year. Hopefully I will see some of you out there in the middle of the night while I’m suffering…

It was such a good idea, that I started asking around to other local promoters and I have been pleasantly surprised by their reaction. Do you guys remember Mike? Not only does this guy stomp 24 hour races on his singlespeed, he also puts on some pretty fun races with Hub Event Productions.

He has been nice enough to extend a 10% discount for a 6 hour race in Prescott, AZ appropriately named the Prescott Sixer on October 13th. Riding in prescott never sucks and riding for 6 hours on the Brownlow trail seems like just long enough to earn my beers. You can enter the code DCracelocal until 8/19 to get 10% off your entry fee.

Last but not least there is the Cruiserman on September 29th. Probably one of the better times you will have running and riding a beach cruiser (swimming optional). We sent our DC test pilot, Scandinavian Jesus, to this event last year and every single person had a good time. You can enter the code DCracelocal until 8/19 to get 10% off your entry fee. I will probably be there just to run quality control on the San Tan Brewing beer garden at the finish line.

Now I know that 10% isn’t a whole lot. In reality it just brings you down to early bird prices. But this does show the local, grassroots promoters who support drunkcyclist. I am all about supporting those who support us. I am going to keep pounding the pavement looking for some more deals in the future, so stay tuned. If you aren’t in Arizona, sorry for the tease. But if any other promoters outside of this fair state want to kick down a DC discount, just contact me and we will get it up for all to see!

Be sure to check out some of the new stuff in the DC store as well as the DC poster.  Ride the wheels off this weekend!!


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6 Replies to “Race Local”

  1. Wife works for alaska air, mom lives in scottsdale….I better git down there for that party!

  2. My four year old told me yesterday, “Daddy, I want to go to that state that has sand and alot of rocks, and those green plants with the big pokeys on them.”
    So, looks like I’ll be heading to AZ sometime in the future

  3. pfft it is only a Dry Heat TTT

    24hrs of Fury out at McDowell Park is an awesome time. Although last year was the worst storm I ever had to camp through……

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