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Our friend Brad sent us this article today and to put it in plain terms, We Support That. We endorse this type of behavior, especially when it comes from the top level. It’s always great seeing people we look up to keeping it real and not giving a shit. TMZ, typically a boobish publication, did a great job covering this event.

For being an Olympic athlete, Belgian cyclist Gijs van Hoecke sure needed help keeping his balance as he attempted to leave a London club on Tuesday night.

Looking obliterated, the 20-year-old was carried out of the Mahiki nightclub and literally dragged into a waiting taxi by his pals.

With his events over, Gijs is all about celebrating not winning any medals.

We came up with some memes for Gijs, because he’s cool like that. Come up with your own and put them on our facebook page, I’ll send you some stickers.

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  1. Sir, we appreciate you’re cooperation for a doping test but you’re actually suppose to pee into the cup.

  2. Heiniken, refreshes the parts other beers cannot reach – The official beer of London 2012 !

  3. Looks more like he spilled his last beer all down his front. Don’t get me wrong… I would laugh my ass off if he pissed himself. But he certainly fits the DC category.

  4. Let’s see…in shape to race at Olympics, he was probably half way through his 4th bud light.

  5. Give the guy a break, he’s 20 years old and basically spent the last 2 years on the track without decent drinks. His teammate’s reaction is more out of this world saying something about the image of the team and emphasizing the fact that other teammates were not there. (edited later on to ‘another party’ pictures to follow if we can rely on british press)

  6. @ visitor q: Don’t misunderstand us – we fucking love this guy! We’re just taking the piss out of ’em! (Nice pun, eh?)

  7. this kind’ve reminds me of a less than stellar performance I had at the whiskey 50 a few years back when i pile drove into a cactus on the dirt downhill early on and then turned around and took my game straight down to the irish pub in town where i proceeded to go all in.

    Chump in the race, champ in the bar…

  8. Oh yeah? Well YOU didn’t medal! Wheresh my beers. I love you guysh. Sweet van…

  9. …seems like belgians do two things real well…race bikes & drink good beer…

    …while he kinda missed out on one activity, it seems like he did a superlative job with the other…

    …& his federation kicks him out for that ???…

    …there’s little justice in this world…

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  11. He may not have won the olympics but he became the new spokes model for Stella Artois