Time in my friends frame shop…

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Glen Copus is a buddy of mine that has a kick ass garage that he makes bad ass bike frames in – Elephant bikes. This last week I had to make a trip over to his shop to see him about a few things and I took the ol’ camera with me to rape more visuals “take photos of everything without asking” from his joint. I feel pretty lucky to have a buddy that builds me kick ass frames, deals with my crazy shit and lets me run amuck up in his shop like an annoying kid in a candy store.

my first 29er frame glen built me, she is gonna get a third top tube soon.

This here is “night train”. Gonna bring her back to life and have it as my camera / commuter bike for this next year (I’ll post it when she is built up).

I believe glen built this cross frame a decade ago, one of his first ones.

One of the first Elephants I came across was this version. My buddy Jake had the same one up in his garage 8 yrs ago and always loved the way it looked. Currently this frame is getting a new ass end.

Glen uses his smart phone
one of his old welding shields

Glen pulled out one of his retired welding shields to show me this rad sticker he got from his boss a few years ago- I love stuff like this.

old oil cans

His shop has tons of personality and there is a reason for it. When I showed him the photo of these cans he told me he got them at a garage sale for pennies on the dollar- he’s always looking to keep his place filled with cool unique visuals.


Cool posters and signs are all over his walls surrounding him.

I want all of his posters and signs
nice place to light up.

Look out for this weekend, i’ll be doing a post on my current Elephant 29er I’ve been riding the piss out of…

Until then, have a great weekend.



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21 Replies to “Time in my friends frame shop…”

  1. got to love the place! and the frames looks rad. Like the 29’R show us some pics all complete!

  2. I checked your website, we may have been over this but love the photo of the nachees tavern. Live down the road and work that road. We be damn close, gotta hook up and ride or ski someday. !!

  3. @Tippycup, ill be on your side of the mountains going to a wedding up at crystal mt. at the end of August. I haven’t ridden ranger or suntop forever. Maybe we can hook up. Also, I could get ya a print of that Nachees Tavern. You can email me through my site- thanks for checking it out again. Cheers.

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  6. Why yes I am that clueless with that being said I think your opinion is fucking retarded you micro managing word fuck. Take your personal rape shit to your personal place and deal with it.

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  8. John C. = retarded.

    Don’t be such a thin-skinned, politically-correct whiner. It’s not a phrase I’d use, but dude, it’s Cavey writing about a cool, local, independent bike shop. (And I’ve (tried to) follow him on that l’elephant and the only time I held his wheel was walking up, and only because he runs a 1×9 with a fucking corn cob.) Rubber side down, brother, keep the fire.

  9. I am a pretty nice guy and this post was written with good intensions. Rape me some visuals? take photos of everything without asking? all I can do in this equation from my end is shovel the pile of shit added to this post back your direction. I was fucking stoked to do this post.


  10. I read most of this comment thread whilst taking a shit at work today. Then I stopped to focus exclusively on something that fucking mattered.