DC at the Tour

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My buddies Wilson and Guz were geeking out the other night re-watching some of this year’s Tour when they sent me a txt:

-We might be drunk, but I swear I just saw a DC jersey chasing after Froome in the Tour
– I’ll get to the bottom of this

And get to  the bottom of it they did. They sent me this screen shot and it appears that they were not only drunk, but did in fact see a DC jersey.

Does anybody know who that well dressed man is at 4:18 of  this video.

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13 Replies to “DC at the Tour”

  1. I think that’s joetheelectrician and he’s yelling,

    “You pussies, I rode this climb yesterday on my singlespeed! Whaddya need all those gears for? Fags!”

  2. Nope, Joe wouldn’t go somewhere where they doesn’t serve no freedom fries or liberty cabbage.

  3. What stage is this? I have High Def and will get a better screen capture so the DC flag-flying is archived in all its glory.

  4. I got ten bucks says that ain’t joe.

    Despite his talk, I doubt he even leaves his yard.

  5. …i suggest it was that drunkcyclist fan who saved wiggos tour right then & there ‘cuz i could hear him yelling “…froome, you bitch…wait for your fucking team captain…”

    …great moments in tour/drunkcyclist history…

  6. Gawd dayum, Cap’n Tony! That made me snort coffee out my nose. Priceless.

    And ttt you hateful ignorant son of a bitch, I leave my yard every day and am even allowed to cross the street by myself. Now go and sleep it off, whydontcha.

  7. “…and am even allowed to cross the street by myself.”

    You’re allowed to cross the street ?

    What moron gave you that permission ???

  8. @ TTT You owe me 10 bucks. I know for a fact joe leaves his yard every night. He sneaks over into his neighbor’s property and drops a deuce in his neighbor’s outhouse.

    Joe’s outhouse clogged a few weeks ago and the Feds designated it a hazardous waste site. No one gets near it until the feds come up with the money to clean the site.

    So Turtle God of DC, instead of sending me the money just donate it to the Redondo Beach Turtle Rescue Foundation.


  9. Cripes, waddaya expect me to do? I’m an electrician for fuck’s sake, not a God damned plumber.

  10. Joe actually made a good joke @11. Maybe this is a sign of a kindler and gentler joe. Or maybe i’m just hallucinating.