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We could use some rain here in Colorado, even though they say the soil that was burned during the Waldo Canyon Fire is so degraded that it can’t even absorb the moisture. Meanwhile, I hear it’s been a wet summer back east. Come on, you stingy New England bastards…share your moisture! Share it!


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About D2

I am a writer and a photographer. I never killed a man in Reno, but I once rode a bike through a casino in Vegas. Bikes are cool, huevos rancheros are for breakfast, whiskey is for dinner. Denver, Colorado, USA

40 Replies to “Caption This”

  1. That is an all-weather, 3 speed Raleigh,with a full chain guard, and the Captain has just initiated his dive sequence.

  2. NEW FOR 2012/2013 WHAM-O’S “BIKE AND SLIDE” No longer do you have to worry about if you have a yard or grass or that flimsy plastic sheet. Just pedal, lean forward, slightly turn your wheel. Next thing you know SLIDE!!!!!

  3. Ages 4 and up!
    “Wham-O is not responsible for lost teeth, skin, or skull fractures. Please slide responsibly and always make sure children have adult supervision!”

  4. Not sure what part of the east you’re referring to, but here in upstate NY, (& yes, I know NY is NOT New England) we’ve got bone-dry conditions; there’s a burn ban for the entire state. And no rain in the foreseeable future. All the lawns around here are as brown as an unwashed butt-hole. (don’t ask me how I know this).

    As for the pic, at least her umbrella stayed upright. She’ll need that boob job now.

  5. “i’m singing in the rain,
    just singing in the rain,
    what a glorious feeling,
    i’m happy aga…ohhh shit, fuck !!!…CRASH – SPLASH – CRUNCH…
    “…ooofff, arghhh, fuck that hurts, god damn…fucking potholes !!!…”

  6. I’m with bikemike, you must be talking to the wrong folks, bone dry here. Not that I love rain, but a day or two, of nice steady soaker would be welcome right about now….

    Bet that was one deep pothole, filled with rain. Note to self.

  7. “Just trying to get a closer look at that DC poster below this pic.”


    “One hand on the bars. One hand for the umbr…”

  8. I think the rain must have been up north in Maine. Just had some friends out here from Maine, and they said May and June were pretty wet. Maybe they’re goddamn liars too.

  9. I looked just like this guy, minus the water, the first time I rode the Gunnar. Broke my nose. Glad that bike’s gone.

  10. wish I had an aquaduct from my yard to the drought stricken west. the mosquitoes are out all day.

  11. I’m with Jersey Representin’.

    You Western as Fuck boys can have all this liquid shit. It’s been raining for days. My dirt driveway is a fucking mud-pit. As is the local rail-trail I use.

    Riding the trainer in Winter is bad enuf. Riding it in the middle of Summer is unholy.

  12. “Bikesgonewild” hands down the wiener. I was singing it and seeing it at the same time. And it’s not just the acid, if you stare long enough you can actually see movement. Lizards are at the door for my sunshine stamps, gotta ooze downstairs and flog the walrus. 2dools, and remember ratsliveonnoevilstar can be read backwards.

  13. …wow…somebody who actually understands me…

    …remember, syd barrett penned a song called ‘bike’ on the first pink floyd album, ‘the piper at the gates of dawn’

    …just sayin’…

  14. …there was also a song called ‘the gnome’

    …pink floyd – early drunkcyclists ???…

  15. This is probably not a good time to mention David Bowies ‘Laughing Gnome’ Yep it was pretty shit.

    However currently mellowing to Pavlov’s Dog – Pampered Menial. Fuck they’re awesome, the first time that I heard them I was in the military up in Nambia.

    Reminds my of sitting in a bunker behind an LMG & hearing Ramese, ‘You’re the only one Joe’ drifting through from one of the tents.

    Fucking awesome album!