We’re all here for the same reason…

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Some how, at the end of the day, it’s the bike that brought us here to talk shit, stick up for a cause or share something that is in the “badass” category. I’ve been trying to put words together this past month about how fucking awesome bikes are but fuck, we all have our own fucking awesome version of it. So instead I’ll share someone else’s version of how awesome the bike is…

Terry from Doma just sent this to me to share, I find it fitting for this post- thanks Terry.


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20 Replies to “We’re all here for the same reason…”

  1. Word. I bagged a sixty-miler yesterday, and it rained the whole goddamned time. Four hours in squishy shoes, soggy chamois and wet gloves. It was awesome!

  2. point to snob
    couldn’t have said it better with a literature degree, thesaurus, and an ice cream cone.

  3. snobbie hit it out the park on this one.

    I’m sure he really likes bikes..just not some of the self-entitled douchebags that “ride” them.

  4. You don’t have to like bikes to write aboot them, eh. Heck, Pops writes aboot my comments all the time, and we DAMNED sure know how he feels aboot THAT, eh.

  5. holstee vid said a couple things to me- keep exercising your freedoms you have and do em on a bike.

    Yeah, it looked like a gap commercial but at least they didn’t do it on rollerblades. Can’t hate on the ice cream cones, there are some awesome new ice cream shops popping up.

  6. Building on that, ‘Exercising your freedoms’….

    Fuck you, you don’t have ‘freedoms’, you have responsibilities!

    To all those people that didn’t have the opportunities that you had.

  7. …did you get sand in your chamois creme there, hurben ???…

    …maybe it’s your nomenclature but you ARE talking about ‘freedom’, amigo & instead of making it sound appealing, you’ve made it sound like a manifesto of sorts…

    …it’s only my point of view but i’d phrase it something to the tune of – “…when we have the opportunity to appreciate our freedom, it’s incumbent upon us to play it forward so others might also have that opportunity…”

    …the old german marching band’s “…achtung…ve vill play und you vill listen, jawhol ???…” never draws a lotta sympathetic ears, ya ???…

    …es lebe die freiheit !!!…

    …just sayin’…

  8. @Hurben

    Who pissed in your corn flakes ???

    Not that I don’t agree.

    Just sayin’.

  9. …good ol’ on-line ‘yahoo’

    …they take someone else’s tour de france article which clearly states yellow jersey holder bradley wiggins name & they post a headline calling him ‘stanley wiggins’

    …clue nada, yahoo…

  10. Hurben, you’re making me laugh. I think you’re all balled up in your hobbit cave and need to get out and wiggle those big toes of yours. Go ride that fucking bike- you live in a pretty badass part of this world to be bitching so damn much- Harden the fuck up.

  11. Apologies to all, definitely stepped over a line.

    Good on Cavey for bringing some perspective to the table.