Dreams of Nepal (photos by Sterling Lorence)

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Today I had two kick-ass MTB photographers (this guy and this guy) recommend this slideshow to me. I figured it was probably worth 6 minutes of my time to check out. Sure enough, Sterling pretty much killed it with these images.

We now interrupt this half assed Tour de France commentary with some mountain biking…

I have some plans in the works to go to Nepal in about 10 months. After seeing this I reckon I can just leave my camera at home and show this to people when I get back. Goddamn.

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15 Replies to “Dreams of Nepal (photos by Sterling Lorence)”

  1. Damn. I gotta get out more. Gorgeous pics, and perhaps it’s just me, but the peace in those folks eyes is like a salve to my currently battered and scorched mind…….


  2. Lovely. Must have been the tourist boards take on their own country. We were there in ’93, and dealt with gangs of theives, beggars, corrupt officials, and I would never set foot in that shit hole again. Looks lovely on film, but then so did Dumbo. Quit thinking like a spoiled American, and realize you are going to a place where your shoes are worth more than your life.

  3. @Crank – With a fair share of traveling under my belt, I full well understand the risks involved in leaving my comfort zone. Thanks for the input though.

    some things to consider:
    -There are places in the US where your shoes are worth more than your life
    -1993 was a long time ago

  4. I lived there for two years (’95-’98) and the video is closer to reality than Crank’s description.
    They are among the most generous people I have ever encountered. It ain’t utopia and there are plenty of ugly things to experience. That contrast is part of what makes it so remarkable.
    I’d go back in a heartbeat, bike in hand.

  5. …looks to be a hardscrabble life in a beautiful location but i bet the locals don’t whine much about the mountain bikers, ya ???…

    …you should ship over a box of used components when ya go, dirty…bet it would all be resourcefully used & appreciated for years to come…

  6. If you do put a box together, hit me up and I’ll send you some parts to include. That’s a killer idea.

  7. Ive seen a few Sterl’s slideshows over the years and be it Morocco, Iceland, the North Shore, Whistler, and BC in general, if there is anything his slide shows convey, its the cycling, colours, culture and local people of the area they are riding in. Therefore I can confidently say I feel that the tourist board had no involvement in what was portrayed in the Nepal show. However, this is a promotion for a bike tour…

    Check it! http://www.ridebig.com/trip_nepal_himalayaheights.php
    I did the Alpenroc tour in 2009 and had a blast!

    I was once told by someone that travelled in the same circle that “Sterling Lorence is ‘The Man’ in the industry.” I figured that but coming from someone that has been in front of his lens really sends it home.

  8. @Crank- what’s your deal? “shit hole” “spoiled American”? Everyone in that slideshow (aside from the locals photographed) were Canadian. If you are going to talk shit, at least get your facts right.

  9. @Crank

    You reap what you sow. Act like an ass and you are treated like one. Act like you are richer than the locals and you will be left poor and broken, and quite possibly with out your shoes.

    Having traveled a bit myself to lands where we are looked upon unfavorably as a country, I have always been well received and shown utter kindness by strangers.

    Of course I never walked through Thailand or Cambodia and thought I was in a “shit hole”. I was just thankful to be outside my comfort zone.

  10. The comments here prompted me to drop Mr. Lorence an e-mail and chat him up about the trip. Here is a little of what he had to say about the experience:

    “We’re just mountain bikers searching out new veins of singletrack and sampling them. Nobody held our hands. I guess, as they say in life, it’s where you choose to look and where you choose to be in your mind that helps you see the world around you. Everywhere on this planet has rough ‘n tough places, and that’s why we are mountain bikers, simply getting away from it all and being in the mountains. When I think of Nepal and its Nepalese people, I simply see a smile”


  11. I have been to Nepal twice, all part of a dream of Greg Vann RIP and know the local riders in these shots. Biked the Annapurna circuit and in the Langtang regain. What a magical place!

    “Fuck the hiking were Mountain biking”