Cavendish Delivers

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Life has gotten a little busy this week and I haven’t been able to fully keep up with the Tour. So imagine my surprise yesterday when I was sitting in the pub and I caught some footage of this:

I almost shot beer through my nose when I saw Mark Cavendish, World Champion, the Manx Missile, Husband of Peta Todd …delivering bottles to the rest of the team! It seems that his inability to keep himself off the ground in this year’s Tour has relegated him to the role of Rainbow Jersey Domestique.

Is Cav fianlly repaying his debt to his lead out train who, year after year, delivers him like the mail to the finish line? If so, good lookin’ out. I wonder what Cipollini would have to say about this?

Cheers to you Cav! Now go get yourself a cheeseburger…


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12 Replies to “Cavendish Delivers”

  1. …whilst not having the kinda tour i’m sure he’d like to be having, cav has always been in it for the long run & he’s not the type to ‘cipo’ out just ‘cuz the hills get steep…

    …be interesting to see if he does finish this one, what with the olympic road race on the horizon but with wiggo in yellow, methinks it would be bad form not to stay in & help on the flats…it may be that wiggo will be working for him in london…

  2. I admire Cav for that. It’s more than Lance ever did, even when his “comeback” blew up and he was riding like a 3rd rater, he never lifted a finger to help the guys who blew away their careers to keep him on the front. Jus’ sayin’.

  3. I’m sure his pavement tastings are part of the explanation, but I believe he’s shutting it down for the Olympics, and after watching Wiggo drag Boassen-Hagen-Dazs to the line today, I’d say the favor will be re-paid in full.

  4. Damn.

    That Peta Todd is a serious piece of patootie.

    Water boy or not Cav has it made.

  5. Cav’s perhaps not the sharpest tack in the drawer, but he has grown up over the past couple of years. I think he carrys himself in a pretty classy fashion, in a world where the hype and egos can be out of control. Chapeau.

  6. I feel the same way Winky. These are young guys who grow up in front of the cameras..I say let them redeem themselves. And Cav is a bit of a sore loser, but he has cleaned up his act a lot.

  7. @ Dirty Biker-

    I think Cipo spoke very clearly on the “World Champion/Water Bottles” issue some time ago, without really even saying a word ==>

    I seem to remember Brailsford saying something pre-Tour about Cav’s role on the rolling/mountain stages, in the spirit of, “The Boy Wonder will not be allergic to fetching a bottle or 2 for the team when he’s not busy winning multiple stages this year”.

    Cav HAS come a long way in terms of discretion and grace both in victory and defeat, and owes a bit more to his team than water bottles lugged up the side of a mountain a few days out of the year, but good on him for being a team player and helping the boys out. No doubt a massive talent, but long live the Legend of the Lion King…..

  8. “I noticed that young Tyler was riding lantern rouge after s12… Go, Tyler.”

    CORRECTION: Mr. Farrar is riding lantern rouge after s14. Go, Tyler.

  9. Totally agree with JuanBoBo, it’s all about the Olympics this year for Cav.

  10. Olympics or not, you’ve still gotta bust ass back up through the peloton to deliver the water bottles. I’ve gained a huge level of appreciation for Cav, after seeing images like this on the tube