It’s (more) about the bike.

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I had lost a small amount of sleep to the formation of a strategy. I needed to tell my dad how I don’t want to take the girls to a dairy farm.  Somehow, i knew it would not be a simple conversation.  He and I take different roads, but get along just the same in the end:  Though our lunches were very different that day, together we endured 100 + temperatures to help lay block footer for a deserving veteran’s new home.

So as I walked into the kitchen, he at his bowl of cereal, my clock wound back a couple of decades. We exchanged niceties, and they were genuine, but in my guts it was as if I had crashed the car last night. I told him what was on my mind. The response was uncomfortable, but I stayed the course.  As I had thought, it wasn’t a simple conversation.  As the tension settled slowly and uncertainly, there came to mind a clear suggestion.

“We should check out today’s stage.”

“Yep. Let’s do it.”


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17 Replies to “It’s (more) about the bike.”

  1. Great words brother.

    I hated my Dad. He was a violent scarred drunk asshole. But your description is me and Momma.

    I had problems with her growing up but I realize now she was a good woman. Sometimes you have to be tough to be fair.

    When we connected her and I didn’t watch stages. We would go to the local park in my hometown and we’d eat a couple of dogs and chat.

    And I didn’t realize back then how special that was but I do now.

    Enjoy that stage.

  2. I too, dig this. I want to know more about the dichotomy of new and old milk.

    Maybe once Le Tour is Le fin.

  3. @Smeg hog

    Given that I’m a clod who lives in a country that’s major export is diary, my question is, why not?

  4. ‘diary farm’ – that was a single by spinal tap that never got released…it was a follow up to the single ‘sex farm’ but unlike the band’s other work, the lawyers thought it was in poor taste…

    …turns out the road manager was keeping underage girls chained up on his farm on the isle of mann, where he had them churning out fake salacious diaries which he in turn sold to wealthy old english geezers…

  5. I wanna visit a diary farm.

    I bet there are many untold stories I’d like to hear.

  6. …while the farm diaries might be written under false pretenses, the salacious stories are all real…

    …just sayin’…

  7. Think I’m an asshole? Shoulda known MY old man. Oh yeah, and Pops? I hear Spinal Tap is looking for a drummer. Send them your resume’, there’s a good fellow.

  8. @joe.

    You are a 24/7 asshole. Get over it.

    I’m only an asshole when I’m drunk so that doesn’t make me even remotely perfect but it does make me 50 times better that you.

    Do the World a favor and shut the fuck up.

  9. Fuckface, you only see me when I’m drunk. When I’m sober, I can find LOTS better to do than visit this pissant colony. Oh, and you might send a resume’ as well.

  10. There sure is a lot of tension on here for a post that ends with such mellow vibes. Fuckin’ a.

    Nonetheless, nice post SH.