Back in the saddle in Montana

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I was in Bozeman, Montana from Tuesday to Sunday of last week for a wedding.  While my girlfriend was taking care of maid of honor duties, I was doing nothing more than riding my mountain bike and enjoying some downtime.  Despite the fact that there are wildfires in the region, there is not that much smoke in the air, and temperatures were pretty tolerable.

Montana singletrack

My view to the south on the Cottonwood Creek trailhead.  This is one of the first mountain bike trails I ever rode in MT way back in 2004, and as such I try to ride it whenever I am in Bozeman.

Fucking tasty

After riding my second priority was to suck down some Montana beer, especially Doublehaul IPA by Kettlehouse Brewing, which has Caveman’s stamp of approval.

A sweet ribbon of singletrack along a ridge in Montana, life doesn’t get much better than that

I set aside the better part of Thursday to ride the Bangtail Divide trail, opting to ride to the trailhead and avoid being a spore.  After a little over and hour of pedaling from downtown I was at the trailhead, ready to enjoy the 22 miles of singletrack.  The fact that it was an overcast day was perfect, keeping the temperature down and the pain slightly lower.  I’ll spare the details of the trail, but know that if you are ever in/near Bozeman it’s worth it to ride this route.

The views of the Bridger Mountains are a welcome distraction

Finally of all the newspapers in the USA, The Bozeman Daily Chronicle has a daily write up of the Tour de France on the front page of their sports section.  This is well justified as this kid who grew up in town named Tejay (you may have heard of him) spent the first week leading the best young riders competition.

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