Cyclist Down…

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I haven’t posted here in awhile, and for that, I’m pretty sorry. Of course, I roll in today with some bad news. Another one of us, a cyclist, was hit and killed in my old stomping grounds of Raleigh, NC.

Steve Jordan hit and killed…

While I did not know Steve during my time in North Carolina, I know people who did know him. This is just another sad occurrence out on the roads where we actually do risk our lives when we’re riding on said same roads. It looks like they’re investigating the incident, which in our world probably means, nothing will come of it. As we are so often ignored in terms of getting run down by motorists.

This is just another reminder, stay safe out there kids. It’s also a great reminder to drive safe as well. Because for most of us, our bikes probably are not the main mode of transportation. Be attentive. Watch what you’re doing. And put down the fucking cell phone.

Steve, I’m sure you’ll be missed, both by your family, and by the friends you leave behind.

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5 Replies to “Cyclist Down…”

  1. Driver was charged with misdemeanor death by vehicle and failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident.

  2. Ah, the good old misdemeanor. I guess I would just like to see harsher charges when someone is, you know, killed.

  3. Also, you guys should read some of the comments on the article/link I posted. Ri-fucking-diculous, but then again, they always are.

  4. Yep. A ticket for manslaughter. Sounds about par for the course…

    I do my best not to read the comments on those articles, as the lowest of the low so often come out to gloat about how the cyclist deserved to die.

  5. First off, my condolences to his family and friends. This shit never gets any easier. I didn’t know him, but I live an hour and a half away and for some reason that makes it even harder to read about.

    Secondly, God damn logging trucks!!! I was in Texas on a cross country tour and one asshole decided that even though there were no cars coming the opposite direction on a straight away, that the couple I was with didn’t belong on the road. He blared on the horn (which sounded like a train) right next to them. I was ahead so I pulled to the side and stuck both middle fingers up at the fat fuck behind the wheel as he passed (something I never do at all). He passed by about 100 ft and stopped so I sprinted up to the truck. As soon as he saw that I was in about 1000000000 times better shape than him and had absolutely no fear of his gut or his feeble mind, he hit the gas hard and kept going. Not even a gesture out his window. Big man he was. Im pretty sure this incident wasnt intentional, but if you’re behind the wheel of a 20 ton truck (no idea if this weight is accurate) you better damn well be aware of what’s going on in the road ahead of you.

    Where my beer? Im all flustered now.