Let it out and take it in…

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Last week with Dirty was real shit that mattered and humbling bike time. Everyone should have a week with Dirty, this guy likes to just ride. He’s not a afraid to walk, stop for breaks, and take it all in. I am used to just going full speed until I blow my shit apart into pieces- I think last week was one of the better weeks I’ve had riding in a long time on my own turf. Slowing the pedals down is gonna be one of my goals this summer and getting out more to truly take it all in.

some dirty trailing and jez on his heals.

Need more nights by the fire thinking about riding.

standing fire

Stop on a swtichback and check out the view. Stand over a cliff and talk about how it’s not a good idea to jump off of it.

cave’s and dirty’s bikes
looking out at the CDA river. Super dope trail- It’s a real mountain biking.

Walk through some tall grass and find some strange shit.

I found this because I got off my bike on a ride.

Have a great weekend and find something new with the bike.

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15 Replies to “Let it out and take it in…”

  1. I had the pleasure of living in Dirty’s new hometown, riding with him, and generally digging what you put to post.

    If more people just rode, instead of making it more than the ride, things would be real cool in more places.

    But that motherfucker can snore like two bears….

  2. Man’s a legend!

    @2 Dude, If you can’t snore like a chainsaw, you ain’t worth shit!

  3. This is what I can’t get across to people. They ask, “Do you race?” I reply “Only the dinner bell.” They ask, “Do you have a speedometer?” I reply, “Why would I want one?” They ask, “If you won the Lottery, what bike would you get?” I reply, “Already got it.” Nineties HooKoo that I paid a hundred bucks for. Then there’s my Crosscheck with a third-hand fixed wheelset. Or my Monocog that was like four hundred bucks new,. eight years ago. They all take me where I want to go, and not just in terms of geography. I stop frequently and have smelled many a rose. Stay thirsty, my friends.

    Oh yeah, and chainsaws envy me my snorinng. Mrs. Joe, not so much.

  4. People sure are dense, eh Joe? Just can’t understand simple concepts. Good thing your intellect is far superior. Where would the world be otherwise?

  5. @D2

    “Good thing your intellect is far superior”

    You night want to cut back on the booze

    DTs are a bitch. Trust me.

    They strap you in a bed and a nurse holds your dick while you pee in a plastic bottle.

    Not fun.

  6. Never said I was that smart, Delta Delta. Just sayin’ that folks (mostly non-cyclists) seem wedded to the notion that newer/faster/more expensive is always better. Maybe I just don’t ‘splain things so good, Lucy.

    So what’s YOUR excuse?

  7. “They strap you in a bed and a nurse holds your dick while you pee in a plastic bottle.”

    Is it weird that this kind of got me excited?

  8. After I initially left a comment I seem to have clicked the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and from now on whenever a comment is added I receive 4 emails with the exact same comment. There has to be a means you can remove me from that service? Thanks!