4th Annual Sunday Cycles Bike Swap – Don’t Miss Out

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That’s right kids. Straight to the Propaganda:

After 2.5 years of existence Sunday Cycles has managed to pull off an Annual Sunday Cycle’s Bike Swap and Weenie Roast four times. Don’t ask how it’s done, just know that it’s a day of dirtbag cheap deals.

If you got goods you’ve been wanting to get rid of, or if you’re looking for a sweet-meet deal on parts for your next build, come to the Sunday Cycles Bike Swap & Weenie Roast Saturday, June 23, 2012!
Sunday Cycles Bike Swap & Weenie Roast RULES:

  • -Saturday June 23 9am-1pm
  • -Any bike, any gear
  • -no stolen shit-we’ll kick your ass
  • -Free weenie from the Sunday Cycles Weenie Wagon while they last
  • -come early to get shaded spots (plenty of shade), otherwise bring EZUP
  • -FREE
  • -15% off all accessories in store during meet
  • -This is our 4rd swap, and we usually get around 25-40 vendors and tons of shoppers.
  • -price yer shit to sell, its a swap meet, not rodeo drive

Hit up the Sunday Cycles fb page, or call the shop at 480.440.2142 for more info.

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