Reveal the Path Showing in Phoenix, AZ

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Reveal the Path, poster
Reveal the Path

I’ve been getting the stoke for long rides since the Tour Divide started. That’s all the more reason to get social on July 2nd when Sunday Cycles, Fatsos Pizza, and, present Mike Dions’ “Reveal The Path” . Enjoy the movie w/ 125 like minded folks in the greatest mountain bike pub in North Phx, Fatso’s Pizza. This place is the real deal, with number plates and cycling pics on the walls. a huge tap selection, and PBR growlers.

From the filmmakers who brought you the award-winning cycle documentary RIDE THE DIVIDE! REVEAL THE PATH explores the world’s playgrounds in Europe’s snow capped mountains, Scotland’s lush valleys, Alaska’s rugged coastal beaches and Morocco’s high desert landscapes. Ride along and get lost in the wonders of the world…

Enjoy the authentic locals living modest yet seemingly fulfilling lives, leading us to question what it means to live an inspired life – however humble or extravagant. Filmed across four continents and featuring Tour Divide race legends, Matthew Lee & Kurt Refsnider, this immersive film is sure to ignite the dream in you. Join in as the creators of RIDE THE DIVIDE take you on an adventure that will leave you with an eager desire to chart your own course to far away lands or simply to discover with eyes wide open what’s right around the bend.Limited to 125 guests.

Monday July 2nd. Entrance starts at 7:30, show starts at 8.

$13.00 per person, includes personal pan cheese pizza.

Tickets are available to purchase as of 10:00 am o nMonday June 17th by calling Sunday Cycles at 480-440-2142. Once they are gone, they are gone. Get more details on the facebooks page for this event.


Read an interview with director Mike Dion:…

Sunday Cycles, Fatsos Pizza, and, presents Mike Dions’ “Reveal The Path” from the directors of “Ride The Divide”

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5 Replies to “Reveal the Path Showing in Phoenix, AZ”

  1. can we get a little more than well done? I resist seeing it because of how awful the ride the divide doc was and it screams Salsa add.

    so elaborate please.