Dirty’s butt stinks and he’s drunk in the next room…

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Shit bag in the next room was laughing over this video- I agree Lance sucks.

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People that like Lance, suck more then him.

Editors note- Even if I was on bath salts, I wouldn’t eat Lances face. 


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72 Replies to “Dirty’s butt stinks and he’s drunk in the next room…”

  1. Coming from across the pond I never really believed people when they said The Prophet George Carlin…

    I do now!!

  2. …shit…that’s not even comedy…that’s just beautiful realism…

  3. I love the sound of George Carlin in the morning.

    He sounds like…victory.

  4. Fuck George Carlin. Old stoner couldn’t have turned a crank if you dangled a doobie in front of him. The likes of him, commenting on the use of ANY drug by ANY person-well maybe that IS funny, almost. Time was he was funny, but I caught one of his last performances and he reminded me of nothing quite so much as Andy Rooney with Tourette’s syndrome. Truthfully I was embarassed for him.

  5. Carlin’s awesome. “Aren’t you tired of being told who your heroes ought to be?” Fuckin A.

  6. Waitaminnitt, D2-You’re all about not being told who your heroes should be. So I come down squarely on the side of old Georgie NOT being my hero, resulting in your posting some sophomoric garbage in the form of a cartoon, apparently because you lack the linguistic skills to express yourself in your own words. Interesting.

  7. Joe, you got it. Nailed it, really. You’re once again a paragon of wisdom who is respected and admired on this website.

    And my linguistic skills are clearly lacking. You are completely correct.

  8. Oh, and Joe, I was responding not to your dislike of George Carlin, but instead to your tired bullshit and your self-righteous, holier than thou attitude you’ve been spewing around here lately. Don’t like Carlin? I don’t give a fuck. Just shut the fuck up for two seconds and realize how much of a prick you’re being…try to do it BEFORE you write a comment next time.

    And fuck, if you’re so sick of this lefty, commie, pinko, socialist cycling website full of pussies who aren’t as hard as you, by all means, turn the fuck around and find another site. There are plenty out there.

    Bottom line: this is a public service announcement. You might be a bag of dicks. See your doctor for details.

  9. Sorry bout that. Thought we got rid of some negativity around here. Got tired of seeing it on a site that should be nothing but fun and good vibes. Bums me out to see douchebaggery around here.

  10. D2, everything you said you resemble…truth.

    If DC wants to get rid of the negativity, simply switch to using facebook for id’s. I’ve seen many, many sites make the switch and all the BS ends instantly. The question is of course is DC a BS provider or does it have a wider appeal? If it just provides BS a switch to FB could be damaging.

  11. …guest…you seem to be providing a lotta your own bullshit to drunkcyclist these days…

    …maybe before calling the kettle black………

  12. @ guest- you came to the party way too late- your shit doesn’t even stink, it’s just lame.

  13. I was at the Carlin performance of which I speak. I know what I saw and heard. All of you who were not there, yet run your stinking pathetic pukeholes can fuck off and die.

    Oh yeah, and I remember when he was funny and relevant. Probably decades before most of you limpdicks were born.

  14. One more thing-Negativity is often simply a part of life. I suggest Rule Number Five.

  15. but really fuck Tiger Woods , at least Lance didn’t roll around in his driveway while one of the Olsen twins beat his ass with a crankset or something

  16. …maybe i’m a “…a piece of dc perm-a-shit…”, pal but you n’ joethefuckingclown are running a nice parallel course…

    …any REAL relevance you two ever had is spiraling down into your own little crapfests & it’s nice to see you’re both doing it here on a public forum…good deal…let the world see your true worth…

    …you should get ’emal’ tatted on your forehead & joe could get ‘nwolc’ so you two would forever be reminded of your contributions to cycling…

  17. @BGW

    Don’t feed the Trolls mate, they thrive off it. Just ignore them, they don’t like that.

  18. Yup, I should be criticized on this thread by BGW for pointing out that D2 is being about as negative as a person can be as he is criticizing ‘negativity’…I also include a solution that is proven to work to solve negativity.

    BGW, you and you alone contribute a huge portion of rancor and negativity on DC. Not some here and there, but over the years you consistently act like a douche. I wonder how many people never come back here after a run in or two with you.

    And for those of you who like to bandwagon because you recognize a screen name (start with H in this case), slow down and think about it…at least address the subject if there is one as opposed to attacking people you don’t know.

  19. Any Lance criticism inevitably brings out a shitstorm. Lanznazis emulate their hero, by intimidation and repeating their “party line”. There are still Stalin supporters in Russia….if you don’t want to face the truth, tell a bigger lie. Works for lots of dictators too. For a while.

  20. Yes D2, the “You’re so effing negative, you suck and are shit” argument/tantrum you presented in #13 is almost perfectly circular.

    I like almost all of your stuff on here, but that was pretty stupid. I addressed your topic of negativity, I guess if you need to keep bashing go right ahead.

  21. Fellas…

    It’s Summer outside. Y’all need to go ride your bikes in it. The constant bitching in here recently is super fun and everything, but.

  22. DC fan forum formula=
    1) Someone posts something
    2) Joe says something
    3) D2 ridicules
    4) Joe responds
    5) guest or someone else who doesn’t like D2 or BGW respond in Joe’s defense
    6) BGW responds
    7) another user posts something funny
    8) repeat 1-7
    9) Say fuck it and go read allhailtheblackmarket.com or plussizebmx.com
    10) get back to work and say at least I have my bicycles!

    Oh p.s. @guest if you are going to say we should get rid of anonymity maybe you should lead the charge and use your name. Oh I guess it’s okay to throw stones from a glass house of anonymity!

  23. for whatever weight the record may have, it is my opinion, and has been for some time, that we ditch the comments altogether. they add nothing to this site, and this comment is no exception. what a lame comment.

    we could all be better friends by simply shutting up.

  24. Yup virgil…my only lame excuse is I have tried to self banish myself…I go long periods without stopping by, but you are right on the money with that criticism.

  25. Joe I only critized because Virgil Mutha Fucking Rufus (Virgil Rufus was supposed to be my birth name. Mom decided against it and now I don’t have one of the baddest ass gunslinger names ever) is my real nickname, along with Catfish, Jehosaphat, VaJay Jay, Shaggy, JJ, and asshole! Guest is not a really good nickname. Sorry don’t like it, it is way too generic. See what I did there.

    Oh yeah one more thing Happy Father’s Day to all of you.

  26. That was supposed to say @guest not joe. Sorry joe got too much stuff going on right now. Didn’t mean to drag you into that.

  27. …peace & love & flowers n’ hugs…
    …butterflies, kittens, bunnies & doves…
    …such pretty colors & soothing sounds,
    ‘guest’ is so wise,
    …his wisdom abounds…
    …so we should all follow,
    …his every word,
    …’cuz without his advice,
    …this site is a turd…

    …just sayin’…

  28. Dirty and I made fun of triathletes yesterday and I am still laughing from that.

  29. So I’m fat and slow and dumb. With that being said I’ve decided that my before 40 list will include the following things.
    Tour Divide
    To ride from Myrtle Beach to Huntington Beach Pier.

    How do you train for something like this and not get bored or un-inspired?

    Any thoughts.

  30. George Carlin was an icon to me at the age of 16.

    I saw one of his final performances and thought it was horrible.

    Maybe I just grew up. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

  31. @Virgil— ride from Huntington Beach to Myrtle Beach instead, take advantage of the prevailing wind direction.

  32. I didn’t like George Carlin when I was a wee lad because my dad liked Carlin even though my father was a right wing motherfucker. I wish I had said this to my dad.


    As I grew up I began to appreciate Carlin because he was an original who thought for himself. He never kissed corporate ass.


    But you know, growing up is overrated.


  33. for whatever weight the record may have, it is my opinion, and has been for some time, that we ditch the comments altogether. they add nothing to this site, and this comment is no exception. what a lame comment.

    we could all be better friends by simply shutting up.

    Then, it would seem, some people would actually have to get their own blog….instead of poaching on DC.

    The logical discourse some people share in the comments is interesting.

    The “regulars” need a new barstool, it’s been closing time for a while.

  34. Mr. Buddhist: if we didn’t have comments, who would call me a douchebag on a daily basis and tell me how much I suck? I think I’d be lost without the comments section.

  35. …deetoo…some folks like everything to be non-confrontational which is interesting ‘cuz life encompasses all aspects of behavior (& no, angry buddhist, i’m not going to get my own blog & i’m certainly not ‘poaching’ by being here)…

    …what’s rather interesting is that the folks who don’t like or are bothered by the comments & thus suggest that they should be gotten rid of, have the simple option of not reading or responding to them but instead, they do the opposite…

  36. Got that right.

    Hopefully a bit of ‘resisting & obstruction’ in the cell will see a few batons & pepper spray deployed.

    We recently had a few fuckwits down here driving around with a paintball gun.

    Also got caught but sadly knowing NZ Police, (who I have the greatest respect for), they will not suffer the same fate.

  37. I did a long solo ride on Sunday. It was kinda dumb because work the next day required riding with heavy shit on my back. I slowly rolled around NYC trying to baby my legs in the small ring, gawking at pretty women all over the place. I heard a toot from some sedan with a remote license plate as I passed their car. I looked back only to observe the driver making arm gestures in my direction. I stopped my bike in front of the car. In a clear and booming voice I bellowed: WOULD YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP! The rest of my day was filled with gawking in silence.

  38. I am not saying get rid of the comments.

    But some of you are really tired, and truly, shit to read.

    Others, like D2’s rant are hilarious and hit the nail on the head.

  39. …jeez, deetoo…all the crap you take & here’s a guy practically kissing your ass…

    …oh, sorry…i meant to say “…appreciating your work…”

    …nice, huh ???…

  40. …angry buddhist…point taken, amigo, point taken…& after the trauma & horribly indelible memories caused by the viewing of gianni’s nutsack in the past, we’d be wise not to induce any similar behavior…

    …& i’m led to believe deetoo has fotos of green vapor fumes rising from dirty’s butt…

  41. It’s 93 degrees and sunny as fuck. I’m going to ride my bike and come home to a nice dinner and watch this:


    And I can smell dirty bikers butt all the way from New Jersey. Someone hose that fucker down. Either that or swab his arm with alcohol.

  42. *Than. THAN! Holy shite…if you are going to insult someone at least use proper grammar, spelling and syntax.

  43. You had a typo/brainfart/whatev. TripleT did not. So by the laws of Intardwebnet trollery, of COURSE he’s right and you’re wrong.