Dirty has been making Cave stop and smell the roses…

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This past week Dirty Biker has been in Spokane kicking it at Cave Mountain. The whole reason he came out to my territory was to ride, get dirty and see something other then the desert. Well, for him it was a pretty good week to show up considering we’ve been getting dumped on with rain on and off this past week. Most of the trails by the Spokane river right now are lush overgrown with vegetation and a bit of standing water on the them- that’s new shit for dirty to check out, he might come back cleaner then when he arrived. I’ve bragged to him a few times saying how rad the local trail systems are and so far I’ve heard him say its pretty amazing. But I don’t know how fond he is of Cave’s go up hill program when there is a choice to descend (I just like going in straight lines, thats all). Force feeding him trails where I have every rock memorized, where the best lines are, and knowing how pace  myself for the climbs ahead. I think Dirty is getting tired of the home court advantage- the unknown for how long climbs can be or in Dirty’s case, how many short steep climbs he’s gonna have to interval in a 3 hour period of time can get to the legs (he did just fine for being a rookie in Spocompton). After running him 12 miles of trail and not really stopping Dirty had to say something. He wanted the race to stop and take in some of the scenery. So we decided to get the photo generator out of the pack to take some visuals to bring back to my lovely hard drive. This guy Travis, the UPS driver I am always telling Dirty about was able to come along with us for a couple of the rides- Travdawg was asking me yesterday how the photos turned out and I replied back by saying, “email my hard drive and ask him”. Well, Travis here they are…

Dirty in green
The start of telling Caveman we should stop and smell the roses
Travis on trail
Up past Seven mile north of Spokane, Travdawg taking it in.
dirty pointing
I think Dirty is pointing at where Cave should go kill himself
Dirty saw sand below the water and felt right at home
Dirty saw sand below the water and felt right at home
camera on
Oh snaps, like we haven’t seen helmet cam coverage before. Fuck you Dirty…
After the ride I showed Travis’s wife this and asked if she’s familiar with this move…
worthy local trail and worth hitting a couple times in a row…
Travis, Dirty and Hawk wishing they had their timberland hiking boots.
Best place in Spokane to end a ride for beer and pizza- Benniditos
YouTube Preview Image

We are headed to Montana today, there should be more to come.

Happy fucking Friday.


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2 Replies to “Dirty has been making Cave stop and smell the roses…”

  1. Flippin’ schweet. “Home court advantage,” that’s what I should call it instead of “weak and lame.” Ha! I’ll try to remember that.

  2. PS— Cave & Dirty let me try to hang on a ride, some undulating singletrack with the roiling green water of a big angry river right under your elbow. They went real slow because they were concerned I might get lost. We had the trail completely to ourselves. Lupine lush on the piney-scented hillsides. Turkeys, deer, marmot, herons and dude goats all happy residents on Cave Mountain. This is how life should be lived. These are stout DC brethren.