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20 Replies to “Friday Frustration”

  1. Hope he never tries to ride like that around here…he’d either eat lead, take a beating or get a close up of the underside of a large suv or truck.

  2. 1-Was that “road” even wide enough for a car to pass a bike? It looked about as wide as our local railtrail.

    2-I’d a had my ulock and my Kabar out the second I was approached. Don’t give a fuck if it was a cunt, only one of us would walk away. She KICKED the guy’s bike? Dead meat.

    3-guest, I ride ‘mongst the most clueless and entitled of inbred pigfuckers. I take my lane. Them that put up the biggest fuss, have the smallest balls.

    4-Wild Turkey is AW3$0M3.

  3. Yeah Joe. Cut that bitch! That’d make everything all right! You are the man! Beer is better than Wild Turkey.

  4. As hard as it seems to be for most drivers to turn their steering wheels a few degrees to give cyclists room why is it so hard for this chap to do the same, hug the left side of the road and let others get on their way. It shouldn’t be hard not to be an asshole.

  5. guess they don’t use their horns in the uk.

    yeah he’s being douchey, but god forbid a motorist is delayed a few minutes. oh and that’s assault.

    douches all around i say.

    “fish, chips, cup ‘o tea, bad food, worse weather, Mary fucking Poppins LONDON”

  6. @Chris: If you read the context on YouTube, he was intentionally blocking the road because the people in the car were on their way to protest a fox hunt. Assholes all the way around.

  7. Deliberately holding up traffic to prevent fox hunt protesters from filming an illegal fox hunt? Ya, call the police as you have the video. Assaulting the cyclist? Probably not the best idea.

    Given she could run as fast as he was cycling I think he’d likely get charged for not turning out to the left to allow traffic to pass.

  8. Assault is assault. Ever been deliberately knocked off your bike? I have. Next fucker that tries it ain’t walkin’ away; don’t give a fuck who it is.

  9. So, the protesters dish it out but can’t take it? Annoying is as annoying does.

  10. You catch a fox,
    Put him in a box.
    and the you let him go!

    Really, what is there to protest.

  11. Who gives a shit? Brits have terrible weather, horrific food, and have contributed nothing but poor dental hygiene to the planet. Now may we please go back to the Great Divide Race? Bollucks.

  12. Oh, I don’t know. They’ve managed to kick in afew worthwhile things over the years. Beatles, Stones, the whole British Invasion and then punk rock…Huge contributions in science and technology. Plus an imperfect language that we on this side of the pond continue to refine. On the whole I think the world would be a worse place without them.

  13. Dude on the bike was pretty damn calm and looked more amused than anything, like he wasn’t sure if he should be annoyed or turned on.

  14. I would’ve have given that bitch the biggest cunt punt imaginable. Then I would have kicked her in the head just for being such a cunt.