2012 Tour Divide Riders: Eszter Horanyi – Josh Shifferly – Jarral Ryter

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Next in our series of interviews is Eszter Horanyi. Based out of Crested Butte, CO she might just be the best endurance rider you have never heard of. Eszter has a solo 24 hour National Championship under her belt and crushed the Colorado Trail race last year, coming in 5th overall. I guess  the next step would be the granddaddy of them all, the Tour Divide.

She has been chronicling her TDR prep through a blog over at Mountain Flyer and her letter of intent really caught my attention back in March.

Dear Tour Divide,

Barring catastrophe, broken bones, or other life changing events that take precedence over bike riding, I will be lining up to tackle the 2,700 miles that is the Tour Divide on June 8th, 2012. I will do so fully prepared to ride as fast as I can from Banff, across Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico to Antelope Wells. I hesitate to guess how long this will take me, knowing that an untimely rainstorm could halt me in my tracks in knee-deep mud or a broken bike could send me walking for miles. I realize that my body could break down, that things happen, but if I knew I could finish this beast of a race, much of the appeal would be lost…continue reading here

I wasn’t able to get up to Colorado and interview Eszter in person but her husband Chris was nice enough to pass on my questions to her and make a little video for us.  While he was at it, he cornered 2 other Crested Butte locals who are also attempting the race, Josh Shifferly and Jarral Ryter. Josh is riding in honor of his fallen friends and trying to raise one dollar for every mile he pedals for the Crested Butte Avalanche Center. Jarral, a type 1 diabetic, is using his ride to generate some funds and raise awareness for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

These riders are so focused and so ready, that I almost feel bad asking them such stupid questions like: In a pinch would you drink your own piss like that Bear guy from TV?…I almost feel bad.

My favorite quote from that: “I turned my poor bike into a fun-hater by putting on a rigid fork… and aero bars”  I’m still laughing…

The CB Crew
One for the road.

A big thanks to these guys for taking the time out of their packing to answer some questions for us. I’m sure it was the last thing on their mind heading into such a huge endeavor.

 Be sure to go check out some of the great images on Chris’ site, he does good work.

Aaron has a slightly more professional interview with Eszter over at the Outside Magazine blog and Jill did a great write up on the women of the Tour Divide on her blog, arcticglass.
The race officially started today at 8am and you can watch all of the friends of DC (and about 95 other riders) by following the blue and pink dots HERE.

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  3. What’s the over / under on how badly EH shatters the existing women’s record? I think she’ll beat it by 2 full days, she is an absolute machine.

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