Mohican MTB 100 – the real deal.

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In the days preceding the race, I had some personal family issues going on and I didn’t think we would be able to get to the race. Just two days prior, I changed my mind and decided to race. I figured a day on the bike in the Mohican forest would be a great way to handle all of the stress I had going on.

And I was right.

Temps had dropped almost 40 degrees within 3 days and the day before the race, I woke up to pouring rain. It had not rained in weeks and I was in a state of panic. We loaded the car, leaving behind so much stuff, by the time we got to the campground, I was bumming out big time. Luckily I have friends who were able to spare extra blankets, sleeping bag and tent for Gnome (thanks Heidi!), and pillows (thanks Kathy and Fraser!). We went to dinner and then settled in for the night.

Russell woke me up at 5am, and when I opened my eyes, I wasn’t scared. Excitement kicked in. I was stoked. I got dressed, down some protein, found a microwave to nuke up some oatmeal, and then we hopped on our bikes and headed down the 2 mile bike path to the start of the race. I said my goodbyes to Dominic and Gnome and headed to the back of the pack where I planned to stay throughout the day.

The gun went off and I remember giggling to myself and smiling at all the spectators.

Miles 1-20 – to aid station #1
Once up the huge hill in Loudonville, where we turned off into the trails, there was a cluster of racers just standing there, a huge traffic jam of bikes. I had heard the start of the trails were ultra muddy and they had to re-route some of the race. People were walking their bikes into the trail. Once I got through the worst of it, I got on my bike and pedaled. I remember thinking about how scared I was last year and just a year later, I was flowing easily along the trails, thinking, “I got this!”.

I took in the beauty of my surroundings, letting it sink deep into a part of my brain that will last forever. I pedaled up hills, down hills, over rocks and roots I couldn’t even comprehend last year. The trails were tacky and grippy, goddamn perfect conditions. I rode for 3+ hours which flew by so fast, all of the sudden I was at the first aid station. Gnome and Dominic were there snapping pictures. I hung out for a little bit, ate some food, pee’d, and then I left.

Miles 20-34 – to aid station #2
This was the most brutal part of the course. The hills were endless. The one I remember vividly from last year was a vertical climb so intense I could hardly push my bike up it. I kept playing cat and mouse with some dude who told me he wanted to go back to camp and drink beer. I tried to encourage him to keep going, but he was not into it. He DNF’d.

On and on the hills continued, one after another. I was determined at this point to get to the next aid station. I came to the end of the trail where a volunteer asked me if I wanted to quit – I told her HELL NO. Then there were some gravel roads, all hills, and finally I pedaled up the driveway to where aid station #2 was. There were no spectators allowed because it was private property.

About 5 racers who DNF’d were sitting around waiting for someone to come pick them up. One guy, Mr. Negative, told me I’d never make it to the next aid station before the cut off, which was 2 more hours. I wasn’t giving up. I downed some food and was on my way.

Miles 34-50 – to aid station #3
Mr. Negative stayed in my brain for the next 16 miles. There were a few miles of horse trails, some doubletrack, and then mostly paved or gravel roads with huge climbs and fun downhills. I kept looking at my watch. I remember telling Gnome and Dominic I’d be there around 3pm. I showed up a half hour late, but by God, I made it before the 4pm cut off. They shoo’d me off and told me to hurry up and finish the race so we could go home. The car had been packed since 10am.

Miles 50-57 – to aid station #5 (aid station #4 was on the 100m course only)
I can’t remember much of these 7 miles, all I know is that this point I was stoked that I would finish. The day was almost over and I was so very happy to be on my bike, pedaling.

I came into aid station #5 and they yelled out “FIVE MILES TO GO!” and pointed me towards the trails. The volunteer told me that there was about a mile and a half climb of singletrack and promised me some flat ground after that. I stopped and texted Gnome and Dominic that I had 5 miles to go and took off towards the finish.

Miles 57-62 – The finish
The 100 miler’s joined the course at this point, and I had to pull over to let them pass. I walked my bike up most of that last big hill, and then the trails flattened out and I pedaled and pedaled, knowing the finish line was close.

Out of a total of 631 participants, only a few women signed up:

26 women in the 100k and 18 finished.
19 women in the 100m and 17 finished.

I finished the 100K and 9000 feet of climbing.
DFL, but that beats the 7 DNF’s anydamnday.

Full results here.
Video here.

Some pictures from our adventure:

Freezing our asses off the night before. Dominic, Russell and Gnome.

My camping buddies

Random dude from a cabin near by the morning of the race rode over to tell me he followed me on DC. He had the socks, and wants a jersey.

DC is nationwide

DC reader and commenter who shall remain nameless – his mooseknucle and sticker.

#occupybikeseat from Illinois

The start of the race.

Bob from 616 Bicycle Fabrication lined up next to me on the only fat bike I saw.

The joy I feel on my bike is clearly displayed in this picture taken by Gnome.

At aid station #1, the volunteers asked if I needed anything and I asked for a tampon and made everyone really uncomfortable. Ended up being a false alarm, though.

Crossing the finish line was awesome! I spent 10+ hours on my bike, in the woods, and had THE BEST time! Everyone was drunk by the time I got there but they screamed my name really loud.

Michael and Russell – just two guys I have made friends with through I think it’s really cool that DC brings people on bikes together. Congrats to Russell for finishing the 100K in 6 hours flat, and to Michael for finishing the full 100 miles (his race report here).

Heidi, official BAF, came in 2nd in the 100K for the 3rd year in a row. We’ve become friends through Facebook over the last year, and I like her a lot. We just can’t ride bikes together cuz she is way too fast.

Heidi crashed just a few miles into the race and still killed it. Note that she is also a drunk cyclist.

So that’s it. My one and only race for 2012 is over. It’s done and I feel really good about it. I am pretty sure I will do the 100K again next year, and the next year after that. I love it up there.

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Bicycles are my salvation. They are my way of life. If you don't like it, then you can go straight to hell. Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

39 Replies to “Mohican MTB 100 – the real deal.”

  1. Had an awesome time with everybody—I’m coming back next year for the SS 100m! Well done Judi. Let’s get more DC there for 2013!

  2. Good thing you guys are paid… ;) little delayed due to drinking? Heidi needs to quite that crashing thing.

  3. Nice writeup Judi! It was great meeting all of you guys…made an awesome experience even better. When they said the course was hilly…they were NOT lying, I still can’t believe I rode 100 miles of that! Congratulations once again on the finish…that took some serious work and some serious mental strength.

  4. Good on you, sister. I was going to race more this summer, but as it is, my racing buddy is doing the Great Divide Race this sumer, so Im out of anything not reachable with the subway.

    Kick ass and represent, girl!

  5. Just goes to prove being drunk doesn’t lend itself to the best decision making. F*ck the drunks cycling Judi. Welcome back to MTBing, where the names have no streets.

  6. I know that, DB, and I have been saying the same thing to myself all along. I know you guys to be straight up motherfuckers but I’m off my meds and one of the symptoms is I turn into a pit bull and can’t let go. Whatever, Fuck this shit. Judi is my friend and an obvious handful; but I stand by my friends. When my Dad died there was certainly a wailing and a gnashing of teeth and also a posting of bond. I just think, until I hear whatever apocalyptic shit she pulled, it would be better to slack back.

    Also, I suggested on her site that you guys should sponsor her on the Divide Ride.

    I will continue to come here to spit and cuss ’cause I need it; I have business in Douglas in September and and if I remember correctly, you invited me for a ride and a beer and you, also, are a friend.



  7. dirty biker is a shit bag. mother fucker better never come to cinci. i will make that fat fucker my bitch. gnome u back stabin little biatch. u all can kiss my ass. dirty your mother is a whore

  8. well I’m not really interested in the details, but I’ll say again this race report was excellent. Yeah, Judi is a piece of work but did she ever claim she wasn’t? I can read her blog going forward.

    Me? I had an AWESOME twenty-one miles ‘o gravel today, absolutely adore the new mountain bike and I can’t wait to ride her again TOMORROW. Rubber side down, brothers and sisters.

  9. I don’t know the details of what happened with Judi but I can say this site is going to be lacking without her voice on it.

  10. @20 Ghost; It’s her husband, doofus, and nobody you want pissed off at you. Gnome was their guest at Mohican then came back and pulled the plug.

    These are real people and Judi posts under her real name and none of this is taking place in some imaginary world.

    Sooner or later the story will come out but until it does right now I’m getting a “kicking her when she’s down vibe” and I don’t like it.

    Fuck all I hate headwinds, especially the ones we create our ownselves.

  11. so let me get this straight gnome, u get pissed at judi for being judi, which we all know has a temper. this after you come to my house and i treat you like a brother. you go and shit can her like a little rat. no wonder your personal life is in the shit can. its because u have no class and are pretty fukin stupid and two faced. as for you dirty you just do what you are told and lick big jonny’s ball sack like a litlle lap dog. go fuk yourselves. i so hope i see you two bitches at interbike.

  12. Yeah Tim Joe Comstock, you’re right, I don’t want them mad at me…but not because you think they’re tough or because they are tough cause quite frankly I’m not worried about it. If they’re the type of people who sneak up on you then no need to worry. If they’re the type to come straight up, again not worried…I’m not a fighter, I’m a 911’er or if I’m put in a corner I guess I can shoot if forced to.

    I get a good laugh at the internet tough guys…yeah, I’ve made the mistake of playing that game. I’m sure there are a few stories of people actually duking it out after an internet conversation and quite frankly I’d get a good laugh at that too.

    And of course I get the biggest laughs at cyclist tough guys…they’re are a couple real ones but they are very few compared to the number of cyclists who think they’re tough or special.

    As for criminal types…nothing more time in the clink wouldn’t fix if they need they’re attitude adjusted…again, and of course at taxpayer expense.

  13. In this case, agrrodom is a bare knuckle brawla that I am scared as fuck of. There is no doubt in my mind that I WILL NOT be making it to Vegas this year.

  14. dude you put way too much thought into that. only pussies bring guns to a fist fight. as far as being a 911er that just means u need to rely on others to fix yer own shit. that sounds so very noble and intelligent. thats the problem with this world, nobody wants to deal with their own wouldnt make it 10 minutes in my by no means a cyclist.i just like to ride and wrench on go get bent

  15. “you wouldnt make it 10 minutes in my neiborhood”
    I can guarantee I wouldn’t associate with you or “your people”. I didn’t say I wouldn’t fix my own shit, just I ain’t wrestling around on the ground to do it.

    “now go get bent”
    ” i will make that fat fucker my bitch”
    Sounds like you learned your trade in the penal system.

    I hope someone puts you down like the rabid dog you sound like.

  16. P.S. I do my taxes…I all to happy to watch the police beat down or end scum as they see fit.

  17. i actually hold most police officers in high regard. and yes i have been locked up. it made me a better person. i really dont mind telling people about it. but the kind of person who is ok with cops being judge,jury, and exocutioner sounds like a rabid dog to me and frankly a little like a kook. u may be projecting just quit trying to sound smart

  18. Lol, you post threats all over the board, making yourself judge, jury and executioner.

    People like you don’t scare the majority of us. Frankly, I don’t see to many people getting away with violence and threats. You sound like a child. Simply put, violence just begets more violence. Getting locked up may have made you a better person, but better is certainly relative. From your outbursts here, I’d say you got a long way to go.

    Tell Gnome you’re sorry so he can go to Vegas.

  19. Dom- Not worth it, dude. Not here, not now. I’d love to know what happened, but its not my business. You should take that into consideration as well, Mr. Guest.

    May cooler heads prevail.

  20. sfb, I understand that. I’m not picking a side in that disagreement…aggrodom could very well be in the right to be angry.

    Like I stated above, just amused with internet tough guys. I try to stay away from this site for exactly this type of conversation…every now and then I still post, my bad probably.

    They always claim DC is one big family, so letting it out I guess is just normal.

  21. Geez. And I thought I was an asshole.

    Wait. I am an asshole.

    But I really like Judi and anyone who couldn’t cut her some slack cause her old man died deserves to die young and poorly.

    Great report Judi. You will be missed here by most.

  22. …my money is on ‘extenuating circumstances’

    …considering the open nature & freewheeling style of this blogsite, along with it’s writers & contributors, i’m bettin’ there’s some ‘behind the scenes’ machinations that run deeper than most ‘supporters’ would imagine…

    …some things are not always as they seem on the surface…

  23. “…freewheeling…”? Personally I only use it as a crutch when I’m too tired to ride fixed. Which seems to be most of the time, now that I’m back to work.

  24. Personally, I’m going to take judi at her word: “And ya know, I am totally and completely ok with this. Now I can pour my heart out over here like the old days. It’s gonna be ok.”

    I’m sure there are details that we readers will never know, and never care to. Judi’s posts were often raw and rough, sometimes they worked and sometimes they didn’t. This one certainly worked. I’ll miss her perspective here. Hopefully, our comrade leaders will find another good female blogger to keep this sausage party in check.

  25. @El Jefe I’m with you brother that this site needs a good female blogger to keep the sausage party in check but I think that’s an impossible task what with male egos and such.

    Judi’s posts were always honest, maybe too honest but her “spunk” will be missed. I often dreamed of a throwdown between Judi and Joetheresidentteabagger. My money would have been on Judi.

    Since we may never know exactly what happened in this latest DC drama, I’ll leave you with this clip from Fawlty Towers where Sybil Fawlty confronts a builder, Mr. O’Reilly over some shoddy work. The best line comes in at 1:30, when he says, ” Well to be perfectly honest, Mrs. Fawlty, I like a woman with spirit!”

    This always reminds me of Judi.