2012 Tour Divide Rider: Rudi Nadler

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This Friday marks the start of yet another Tour Divide. Last year we did a few interviews with some riders and I had so much fun with it, that I decided to do it again.

First up is Rudi Nadler. Known around here not only for his fixed gear mountain biking skills but also for his artistic ability. You may have seen some of his work gracing the cover and pages of Dirt Rag or the handmade trophies at various AZ events. A few months ago, Rudi e-mailed me out of the blue to see if we had any extra DC jerseys that he could wear for the Tour Divide. We haven’t made jerseys in a couple years but we put our feelers out and finally found him one. We are pretty excited to have him flying the DC colors while taking on such an amazing task. When I asked Rudi if he would be down to do a little interview and a bike check he was more than happy to do so. So I jumped in the car and headed down to Tucson chat over a couple beers.

I first met Rudi back in 2006 at the 24 hours in the Old Pueblo somewhere around hour 22 as we were both grinding up the last climb. We chatted (grunted) briefly and realized that we were both on the same lap. Satisfied with my performance, I was about to sit at camp and wait for noon and he told me he was heading out for another lap. I only remember this because as we were talking I realized that he wasn’t coasting. He was on a fixed gear. I let out a couple expletives and watched him ride off to another lap.

Come to find out, that same year he attempted the tour divide on a fixed gear. He made it about 1000 miles without coasting before his body called it quits. He hasn’t done a single bike race since. Last year, while watching his buddy Dejay prepare for the Tour Divide, he got bit by the bug. Through the encouragement of his wife Amy, friends, and family he decided that this would be his year to try it again. Here is his bike check and a little video interview we did while hanging out in a Tucson deli.

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Age: 49 years

Hometown: Tucson, AZ

Bike setup: Custom Rosene frame and a custom Waltworks fork. Steel, supple, springy, and fun.
Sram 2 by 10 drivetrain with Avid mechanical disc brakes. Time pedals, Salsa Woodchipper bars, WTB Saddle, Stan’s not-tube arch wheels and Specialized Fast Track 2.0 tires.

Baggage: Relevate Design bags, Saddle bag, Tangle bag, Fuel Cell, Sling, Feed bags. Camelbak Octane 100 oz pack.

Sleeping Kit: 40 degree bag, Self inflating 3/4 pad, and bivy.

Clothing: Two pairs of cycling shorts, one light jersey, one heavy jersey, arm warmers, wool knickers with chamois removed, wool socks, compression socks, short sleeve wool t-shirt, long sleeve wool t-shirt, wool long bottoms, waterproof gloves and socks, insulated jacket, rain pants and jacket.

Misc: Maps and wireless cycle computer.

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27 Replies to “2012 Tour Divide Rider: Rudi Nadler”

  1. Rudi is the man. He did 24HITOP several times fixed. I’ve seen that boy wreck himself. He outrides good riders on duallies with his fixed cross bike. Rooting for you Rudi, don’t forget to turn on the Spot!

  2. Good to see a post on Rudi and hear about his plans. I don’t know him but I always liked that guy & haven’t seen him around in awhile.

  3. A true inspiration Rudi! Best o’ luck … remember, rubber side down!

  4. he’s got a slick kit. I’d like to know the brand of sself inflating sleeping pad he’s running, as well as his bag.

    But,compassion socks? dude. Bro.

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  6. Great interview! I’m rooting for him. Will be following the race for sure!

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  8. I don’t know Rudi, but he’s one of the folks I’m interested in in this year’s TD (not least of all because we’re about the same age, and I’m rooting for him). Hoping he’s okay, and his silence on the Tracker and MTB Cast just means he had to scratch, but isn’t quite up for talking about it yet.

  9. Yeah, I had to scratch. I was riding really well, feeling stronger everyday. I was really into the snow and marching through it. I came out of Galton Pass in Canada after a 30+ mph descent in the snow and slush, bear tracks right and left, with no rear brake and just a worn front brake. I was laughing my brains out. I’d do it again and will next year. What stopped my ride was the snow hikes. Something to do with hours of hiking in deep snow in cycling shoes for five days was not good for my left ankle. It was swollen twice normal and my tendons and ligaments were inflamed. It was so worth even that much of the ride. I had a great time, but now I’m healing and dreaming of getting out on my bike again.

    p.s. Compassion socks, yeah, Love’m.

  10. Rudy, how about hitting it from south to north next year? It only makes more seasonal sense than going from top down.

  11. Rudi Nadler is a legend and an inspiration. I can tell that he is a man of a higher intelligence and spirituality. I admire men of his age that are still active and full of spirit. I am rooting for him till his next race.

  12. Where’s Pops on this? Rudi rides fixed, as do many other handsome and dashing Gentleman Scorchers. And we all know how the bitter old fuck hates that shit.

  13. …you don’t know shit, joethefuckingclown & you just proved it one more time…son…

  14. …btw…the only thing about me that hates fixed gear bikes are my knees, son…

    …i, perhaps like a lotta folks around here, get a little tired of you ‘reminding’ us for the 4,583,764th time that you ride a fixed gear bike but hey, we’re ‘used to’ your intellect by now, son…

  15. “…I’m smart, you’re dumb, everybody’s stupid but me blahblahblah…”

    JFC, Pops! Dontcha know any other tunes? Maybe ask your nurse at the retirement village for more fiber or somethin’.

  16. …it’s your limited intellect & moronic behavior that are on display, clownboy…

  17. Joe, you said it yourself, you pushed the button, your work is done, now both of you quit shitting on a post about Rudi Nadler who happens to be 100 percent class.

  18. Dude, it’s called “performance art”. Try to expand your horizons.