47 Replies to “Caption This”

  1. By golly I think I got it. The higher the center of gravity the more stable the ride!

  2. better cell phone reception.

    no need for fenders.

    more time to plan the bailout.

  3. Serotta announces MyStyleTM Geometry; prices start at $11.5k for the frame and fork.

  4. We haven’t gotten to chain and seat stays in welding class, but I think I have the main triangle nailed.

  5. If your going to call something stupid you might want to spell it correctly ;)

  6. ImaFred: If YOU’RE going to call someone out for spelling, you might as well check YOUR grammar.

  7. This high up, I get my altitude training in every ride! AND! Nobody has to suffer and see my butt-crack

  8. Some women will go to great lengths just to accuse men of looking at their ass.

  9. Look at me, look at me! Hey what’r you looking at you zombie creepazoid!?!

  10. Mrs. Palin claims that she can see Russia from her bike.

  11. the smaller front wheel is to shift my weight a bit forward so that all of my weight isn’t sitting on my rear triangle. Riding them is fun, but we make them to joust each other on them. Maybe it’s hipster stupidity, or maybe it’s that I have a better time than you guys. Either way, I’d like to see you guys try it!

  12. …@ lea…we’re pretty much all on your side here but this being drunkcyclist, you’re dealing with a small circle of dischordant ne’re do wells, objectionable malcontents & attitudinal pedal meisters, so i’m gonna suggest that with “…THAT’S ME I’M FAMOUS…” you’re half right but maybe ‘notorious’ would be a more appropriate term…

  13. my brother made a tall bike in the seventies and it had a car steering wheel and he rode to guitar lessons with it by putting the case upside down through the steering wheel.

  14. Here’s a T-Shirt for Sparky,

    “If it ain’t Fixed, it’s Fucked”

    Yes, I’m sure that it’s been said before, if not I donate it to DC…

    Exit to tune of Dueling Banjos…

  15. How does it go? what do fat girls, mopeds, and tall bikes all have in common?