Tuesdays with Dirty: Good Advice

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Around this time every year the trails in and around my town become packed with users. Hikers, horses, and bikers all flock to the trail for one reason. It’s getting hot and everybody wants one last cool morning on the trail at a reasonable hour. The next three months of summer will mean 4am wake up calls and rides ending by 8am. Or road trips to the mountains to seek refuge in the pine trees.  

As I rode yesterday, I noticed the impact on the trail. The turns are a little wider, brake bumps are a little deeper and there is even a bit of litter floating around in the breeze.  Now I have never been much of the IMBA trail preacher type, but it seems like we might need to bring some users up to speed.

– Singletrack is best when it is single.

– Litter belongs in the trash, not in the dirt.

-And most importantly, it’s perfectly acceptable to say hello to fellow users no matter what their mode of trail transport might be.  

I think it is really that simple, but this is just one man’s opinion. We are all out there doing something we love and there is no real reason why it has to get abused. Let’s look out for each other and for our beloved trails. And have a whole lot of goddamn fun in the process.

good advice

Thanks for reading my senseless little rant. Keep it dirty…


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20 Replies to “Tuesdays with Dirty: Good Advice”

  1. this is the least senseless thing i’ve seen in a long time. everyone needs reminders like this every so often. well said deer-tay.

  2. I saw the “Ride don’t Slide” out on Desert Classic a couple of Thursdays ago. Tad might be responsible for it. :)

  3. Great post. Just respect other trail users. That is all we need to do. We are all out there for a reason. Don’t let yahoos ruin your day.

  4. I’m with db on the saying hi thing. (Well, and not skidding or throwing trash.)

    Politeness costs NOTHING and makes the world a more pleasant place. “Attitude” is bullshit, plain and simple. I don’t understand the roadies who snarl at me, and especially the pouty tri dorks. (Maybe those $8K Cervelos are as uncomfortable as they look.) Why do I invariably feel like I’m having more fun than they are? Mountain bikers are supposed to be friendly, FFS.

    Now, I was a professional salesman most of my career, so maybe this is less obvious to others that it is to me: There’s a shit-ton of benefit to simply trying to be the nicest guy folks have met all day. When people are empowered and you’re nice to them, they’ll throw you a bone. All day, every day.

    The converse is also true; being a dick apparently makes some guys feel good, but I tell ya what, that bank teller, bike mechanic, landscaper or bartender can make your life a tiny bit less pleasant if you make his/her life less pleasant. Being a dick simply doesn’t pay. I wonder if it’s a genetic defect.

  5. Werd, dirty and Mikey.

    However, I do want to know who told dog owners that the appropriate place for their shit bag was barely off the trail? Because I did not get that memo. That I will not be polite about.

  6. it’s especially good to say hello and talk to people riding horses because it calms the horse, but i forget the reason. horses are very cool (and it’s no surprise that some who ride bikes refer to their ride as a steed). although horses are a bit enigmatic. they’re simultaneously obedient yet insouciant beasts!! who can tell what they’re going to do from one moment to the next?!!! the whole equestrian thing really throws me for a loop. and jodhpurs are as awesome as stripy socks.

  7. If you are out enjoying what you enjoy most, say hello. I hate when other mountain bikers do not have a greeting. You’re riding, I’m riding, how hard is it to look happy? Santa Fe is surprisingly bad, but Moab is the worst….drop your fucking ego and smile!

  8. Dewds, you are full on righteous here. I mean, let’s even take it a step further. When I’m at the supermarket, I get pretty fucking pissed that nobody says hello! I mean, we’re all fucking shopping. We should be stoked and totally bump pussies together because we’re into the same shit!

    fucking wankers.

  9. As i said before, it’s just my opinion “it’s perfectly acceptable to say hello to fellow users no matter what their mode of trail transport might be”
    Acceptable, in no way mandated…I just think it’s just good practice to be cordial to other users on a crowded trail. No need for high 5’s, hugs, or scissoring

  10. Acknowledgement is always an option. Indeed, i practice it randomly. But the whole “to hello or not to hello” conundrum has been an endless point of debate since at least 1988. To that end, to each their own. Some seem to want it mandated in order to curb their own hurt feelings. Either way, it ALWAYS comes down to the same thing:

    Drink Beer. Ride Bikes. Go Fuck Yourself.

  11. …greeting(s) on the road…“…hurt feelings…” ???…wtf…

    …expensive carbon (plastic) bike, flashy kit particularly w/ white shorts…no nod, no acknowledgement – hey, no problem…

    …1st off, my custom made ti/carbon bike is tailored to me personally & while your carbon wonder is kinda awesome, mine being custom makes it ‘awesome-er’ than yours, don’t ‘cha think ???…

    …you look great in that kit, dude, real ‘pro’ even & me having been around doing this for years, i’d say you have great form on the bike but, damn, son, it’s the end of may, the time you’d be racing in europe if you were ‘real good’, don’t ‘cha think ???…

    …ohhh, i see, you’ve got a full time job & you race on the weekends like a lotta folks…i get it, no problem…i certainly wasn’t good enough to make the grade, myself…

    …well, hey…no rules about this shit, pal but if you see me acknowledging other cyclist’s out here, it’s just ‘cuz i’m enjoying the fact that i’m riding & these others are out riding also…i’m just sorta encouraging them…beautiful sport, don’t ‘cha think ???…

    …no pressure, pal…didn’t mean to pressure you with all these inquires…enjoy your ride…

  12. I saw some ladies riding the trails the other day. I was kinda hoping they’d go with scissoring, but that’s just me :)

  13. I rarely acknowledge a “howdy”, but only because my reaction time is so fucking slow.

  14. Hey Dirty,

    T-shirts arrived today & that envelope was just packed with awesomeness!

    Besides the great Ts there were stickers by the fistful, New Belgium Headstock badges, cards from lonely girls & a DC Patch!

    Many thanks.

    You’re a good man.