45 Replies to “Caption This”

  1. Obey the rules…or don’t?

    And I’m with Burt on this, that is a tiny frame

  2. Yep. XXL 2007 Specialized Allez Pro. 59cm center to top, 59.5 center to center. Claimed 62 or 64cm, but it’s a sloping top tube. I don’t feel like getting a level to find out where the “effective” top tube intersects the seat tube. I’ll just measure center to center and be done with it.

    That twelve pack didn’t stand a chance…

  3. “Ah yes, here we see perhaps the most crucial role in the peloton – the domestique. After the feed zone he will be responsible for making a delivery to each teammate, essential to the teams performance as the stage wears on. Chapeau!”
    “Well certainly unorthodox but completely respectable. And just look at the power he’s turning out as he goes through the cars back to the charging peloton!”

  4. Did you guys see that circus bear on that scooter bike with a sixer of Tecate?

  5. Fuck the hand-downs…. only lasting quarter of the ride…. and got bourbon in the jersey…

  6. Aluminum: if it’s good enough for the bike, it’s good enough for the beer.

  7. I was gonna go with large man on a tiny bike to the tune of fat man in a little coat but I’ve been beaten to it. Oh well

  8. A few to consider…
    Where are the limes?
    Where do I apply to be the STP beer baron?
    Who the f has a frame pump?
    Are those PBR socks?
    I don’t always drink…dammit…that’s tecate not dos xx
    How many are left?

  9. Frame pumps rule. CO2 is fine for a race, but a frame pump doesn’t cost me an extra $3 per flat (not to mention the other waste). Zefal HP-x for life.

  10. I still have a frame pump. CO2 is fine for a race, but a frame pump will last years and doesn’t cost me an extra $3 per flat. Fuck that noise. Zefal HPx for life.

  11. When you’re still 10 miles from home and get your third flat, and are out of CO2, then tell me how much they suck… Also, as you point out, they are multi-purpose tools.

  12. Zefal pumps just plain work. I hate CO2 cartridges. Unless I’m racing. Then I love them.

    I forgot to mention, those are size 47 Diadoras & 180mm cranks. No wonder I can’t climb…

  13. Well I suppose a frame pump could be used to beat a set of canti brakes to pieces, and if it’s made of crabon you’ll climb faster with it.

    I like turtles.

  14. I got a Zefal hpx. I also got two Topeak Road Morphs. The Zefal looks cool and I suppose would make a marginally adequate weapon. The Topeaks get air in the tire and get me on my way, now. Your mileage may vary.

    Oh yeah, and my cantis still work a treat, every ride.

  15. I’m a’Freud about how this clusterpump is reflecting on our manhood, i.e. our Y chromosome.

    But in fact if you go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Y_chromosome , the diagram on the right looks for all the world like a CO2 pump.

    So, yeah, take that frame pump, size doesn’t matter, (as they say in the classics)