Table for one

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Got an email a couple weeks ago from the Mark Cavendish of Adventure inquiring how my solo adventure weekend went, and I must say it was everything I dreamed it would be…solitude, respite, blah blah blah.  The wife and boy were on vacation in Amsterdam (I know, I know, WTF wasn’t I there??- and I missed out!!) so the possibilities were endless.  While others gravitated to Prescott for a few days, my desires lay elsewhere.

Since the bike was in the shop I settled on my fly rod and a borrowed kayak.  My criteria was as follows: fish, drink, sleep in, nap under trees, glass wildlife, be safer than an OSHA audit, not talk to anyone except my dog or the occasional squirrel…you get the picture.  Scouring Google earth and the gazetter days prior, I set out for a part of the state I’ve never had the pleasure of experiencing.  In every sense of the word, an ‘adventure!’

1/2 mile walk thru the woods from camp to the lake

After driving 5 1/2 hours, I had scoped out two lakes and found a primo and reclusive campsite.  This was home for the next 3 days.

The fishing was slow, but it didn’t matter.  Dozens of geese, herds of elk, does, fawns and ducks galore surrounded the lake.  No one was insight and I had this place all to myself for the weekend.  Was this heaven?  Close enough!

on a borrowed kayak, catching a buzz

Not a bad substitute for the bike!

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6 Replies to “Table for one”

  1. Good looking hound, got a nice set of shoulders & chest.

    Just shouts Serious DOG!, unlike all these fucking handbag pooches that we see so much of these days.

    Awesome post.

  2. …jeez…between you n’ ‘the mark cavendish of adventure’, (bwahahahaha – i was pretty sure who you were talking about but i clicked on the link to be sure), you two are max diggin’ the awesome stuff in life…

    …props all ’round…

  3. Out here it’s a snag and drop menhaden for the Striper run, but might pedal out for some rainbows on the fly this weekend if I can get away from the ocean for a few hours